1989 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 Jon Kaase 2000 HP Twin Turbo Build Project

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1989 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 Jon Kaase 2000 HP Twin Turbo Build Project

Mods and Powertrain:

Block: Dart Iron Eagle 351W machined by Jon Kaase Racing Engines

Crankshaft: Lunati billet

Rods: Oliver billet

Pistons: Ross

Camshaft: Custom solid-roller

Cylinder Heads: Trick Flow High-Ports

Intake: Trick Flow R Box with an Accufab 95mm Throttle Body

Power Adder: Two Precision billet-wheel 7675 Turbos with Chiseled 2000-horsepower under-dash inter cooler and a 7-gallon tank

Fuel System: Two Holley brushless pumps, Aeromotive Fuel pressure regulator, Aeromotive fuel rails, Billet Atomizer injectors and stainless hardline (10 feed and 8 return)

Exhaust: Custom 2-inch stainless headers, custom 3 inch stainless exhaust 3.5 inch Vibrant mufflers

Transmission: ATI Turbo 400 automatic Pro Torque, Billet Torque converter and Pro Ratchet shifter.

Rearend: Chris Alston chrome-moly 9-inch w/, Strange Pro heavy duty aluminium case, Strange 3.20 gears, and Strange Pro Race axles.

Electronics Engine Management: Fuel Tech FT600

Ignition: Fuel Tech w/ MSD wires and NGK spark plugs

Front Suspension:
*K-member: UPR Products tubular
*A-arms: UPR Products tubular
*Struts: QA1
*Springs: QA1
*Brakes: Aerospace Pro Street
*Wheels: Boze Forged billet, 18×8-inch
*Tires: Nitto NT05

Rear Suspension:
*Shocks: QA1
*Springs: QA1
*Brakes: Aerospace Pro Street
*Wheels: Boze Forged billet, 19×12-inch

Tires: Nitto NT05R drag radials

Owner and Builder: Mark Schlitzkus (Mschlitzkus)
Build Thread:
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Video Credits:
Billet Atomizer 225 Idle on E85:
Schlitz Fox Coupe first startup:
Schlitz Coupe all done:
Redfoxcoupe/Schlitz Coupe Video:
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  1. Schlitz says

    Thank you for taking the time to make this video ??. For the record, Greg Brown (worked for Kaase at the time) did the shortblock machine work only at Kaase’s.

  2. Angie Jones says

    One AWESOME build !!!! Goes to show that awesome cars can still be built in the home garage. BRAVO Man, you knocked this build off the planet !

  3. frank saenz says

    Beautiful car

  4. Mullet Man says

    Great Video, even better car. That is quality work right there! Great job to everyone involved with that build. So clean you can eat off it!

  5. M S says

    Nice car and reminds me how much I miss my 90 notchback…regret selling!

  6. Clevor BMF says

    Wow…. So this is what happens when someone with unlimited funds builds a mustang…. Absolutely stunning car!

  7. Carlos Ochoa says

    Beautiful ?????

  8. zook363 says

    Man, Bring that BEAST to TX2K18.  I could only dream of owning such a master piece. Will be looking for you at TX2K18

  9. Kenny Demarest says

    Twin snails gave me goose bumps!

  10. Kenny Demarest says

    Fucking beautiful!

  11. LSX 2015 says

    Man that is one beautiful build! Im a huge fan of the notch backs.. this is amazing! Awesome work!

  12. Mark L says

    Very nice, but why not go with more meat out back?

  13. Logistics1320 says

    Follow him on Instagram, @redfoxcoupe

  14. early culyer says


  15. Don Johnson says

    Your attention to detail is mind blowing! Love that you made it a stick shift and have tail pipes! I hate autos and dumps

  16. Jose Batistine says


  17. Sean Moran says

    Man MY dream car I’ve always wanted that car u perfected it IN AND OUT TOP TO BOTTOM BAD ASS !!!!!

  18. Harley Thornton says

    absolutely amazing car!!! awesome build video as well!!!

  19. James Punting says

    Varley and the gold car is back for the list

  20. Leonard Riddick says

    Never wanted a Fox Body until this video. Awesome ride by friend!!

  21. Cliff Holmes says

    Awesome build. Good to see a Fox body with ford power plant. You went with Trick Flow heads, why not the John Kaase heads, just curious?

  22. WILL BENJAMIN says


  23. Josh Seaney says

    It is awesome car tho. Never seen a fox body built that level

  24. wanapaint says

    bee, u, T, ful.i would take this car,over a 1milliin OR any high priced car.

  25. Aprilia Rider says

    That's a really expensive tire melting device.

  26. Robbie Rayburn says

    That fox is perfect! What a cool car!

  27. sa3dH4EvaR says

    i really appreciate this type of porn

  28. VMiller 1611 says

    Beautiful car!

  29. Josh Seaney says

    I was gonna say no Kasse heads a small block? 2000 HP. Doubt it.

  30. A Ellringer says

    Wow. That's radical.

  31. Brandon says

    Nice build! Sounds super mean.

  32. Brandon Hisey says

    that car is bad ass! my compliments to the builder. perfection!

  33. sharpshooter jojo says

    kinda made me sad that I lost mine 2yrs ago. she was a 89 in pearl white. verrrry depressing moment in life to say the least. but watching this brought back alot of great moments during ownership

  34. ip address says

    When the word budget doesn’t exist

  35. Enzotlou1 1 says

    BORING BORING BLAH BLAH just another slow ass RUSTANG

  36. Todd Means says

    That is a foxy piece of A$$

  37. Evan Price says

    Thats what im talking about!
    Build it like a show car, then drive the hell out of it. Love it!!

  38. Joseph Miranda says

    What's the final bill? $$

  39. roy richardson says


  40. vibrant93 says

    What a build! (insert drool here) Quarter window moldings would be my only nit-pick, which is probably ridiculous. Sanding and filling those wasn't fun when we did mine.

  41. Milton Arnold says

    OMG baddest notch I have ever seen. Flawless dude . I knew done the right way that a notchback would look better than the pro touring GMs. Can’t stop watching the video.

  42. Every Taylor says

    Is it for sale

  43. MyTruckinLife ACE says

    Love it

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