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4G64 w/ Kia Head – 1000HP MOTOR REVEAL AND INSTALL! – 1000WHP F&S Motorsports Evo Build – Ep.2


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  1. The intake manifold on the 2.4l Kia will bolt up to a 7 bolt 4g63 as well for dsm people that want to go rwd cheap. Best way to not be screwed by a shop is just man up an learn yourself, do tons of research and you'll thank yourself after

  2. sorry couldn't help but scratch my head when i heard this part…@ 10:55 he says…
    "These are 2000cc apiece… So we got 8000cc of Injector.. Ya know!? Were runnin 2 sets of 2000's"
    Ummm im not a Mathematician, but isnt 2 sets of 2000cc Injectors on a 4cyl engine 16000cc? If im wrong, please educate me! Or did he just say it wrong?

  3. Then something came up in my Life.. and after 5years struggling man i really aspire to reach the level of professionalism such as u guys did. Keep up the boost work both shop and czero

  4. wow.. great job in educating ur customers/frens in doing everything right from the get go man.. And i envy that u guys have a lot of love from ur customers. I always used to tell my customer to stop supporting shops for the sake of their name.. Go with the shop that would and most importantly could support their build etc (having knowledge n and actually knows what their talking instead of just repeating what they normally hearsay.. hear & say).
    I also used to always tell them "we dont only sell parts on their own… we have the know-how of consulting u with parts that works together in real life instead of turning into a 1/2 half piece of crap.

  5. That lock ring reminds me of the quick disconnects for commercial hoses.  Such as on refueling trucks and fire trucks.  Props to thinking outside the box and expanding the application.

  6. sooo like..quick question. what do i need to put in my 4g64 engine to get like around 500 horsies or more..i really need to know. someone help me out here

  7. I wish all but (if not more) of the shops in the Philippines are similar to this shop. Not only in the car builds and knowledge, but more on the customer long term relationship and honesty specially when it comes to the labor price and parts

  8. This helped me solidly my decision on the Diamond Racings front subframe and manual rack. I wish I was a wee bit closer to Michigan to visit this shop and bring my Evo.

  9. boiiiiiii that MF sounded SO ROWDY at the end <3

    also curious as to who made that CF roof panel. ive been wanting that for my 3000GT for a while now

  10. That dude is seriously impressive! I know allot of the engineering behind engines but compared to this guy damn I'm a rookie, I love when someone uses their brain to do something better faster cooler uniqer etc… sweet vid. best line ever "if we don't try new things well never improve" that doesn't just apply to cars, good philosophy

  11. Surprised he didn't slightly dome the piston for the race car. I use the flat top 12:1 87mm Wiseco's for now. Winds up around 10:1 compression because the chambers are huge in the G4JS Kia head, just bolting it on causes a 2.2 point loss in compression over a 4g63 headed setup.

  12. Ive been suffering bad anxiety for the past couple years and now whenever Im not feeling good I turn on your videos and they make me feel so at home. Great content, lots of knowledge to be taken. Thanks Czero please never stop making videos.

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