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A PBusardo Review – The Acrohm Fush


A PBusardo Review – The Acrohm Fush

In this video we do some Show & Tell on a tool kit I was gifted by VapnArt, then we take a look at the Acrohm Fush Semi-Mechanical Mod.

We also add more goodies to THE STOCKING!

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  1. Thank you Phil for this professional and detailed review. But under the breathing mode, you can change the color by only one flick like under the lighting mode, no need to flick twice to turn it off. The MSRP of FUSH is $109, now people can buy FUSH from our authorized sellers like vapordna, la vapor, worldwide distribution, house of vapes llc, ect.

  2. Not my style. I like the consistency of regulated mods. I have not used an unregulated since the screwdriver. Having said that it looks really cool.

  3. Idk why, but i kinda like this mod. Just wish they didn't put FUSH in such big text on the device. Aside from that like the idea n functionality of the mod. Plus i like my tube mods, but anyways…thanx for another thorough review Mr. Busardo!

  4. Maybe I'm wrong but these types of devices are called Unregulated Devices.I have never heared of a semi-mech mod…And I know price is subjective but a tube with a board made in China still does not justify 124$.If I wanted a tube with a light show I would get the Joyetech AIO for 20$

  5. So they added venting holes on the bottom? That is nice. And then the built-in board forces you to put the batteries top-side up into the device? That is stupid because IF a battery vents it theoretically will do this from the top-side and not the bottom-side (i did many stupid things (some could be considered dangerous) in 7 years of vaping, but i never managed to make a battery vent. I guess the things i did weren't stupid enough xD).
    Besides that little "Design-flaw" its a nice looking device. I like lights too, but i guess i like $124 on my bank account more xD

  6. I can't get behind this, it seems pretty stupid to me. And the cost is ridiculously high for what it is, but to each their own. Thanks for the video Phil.

  7. Iโ€™ve been wanting a zenith tank but because I canโ€™t find coils for sale anywhere, I canโ€™t pull the trigger ๐Ÿ™ sorry Busardo, much respect and Iโ€™m enjoying the Ares

  8. Wow, I really like that device! Great review Phil! The only thing I donโ€™t like about it is venting is in the bottom, but positive up on the battery. Makes no sense. I want to try that Castle Long Reserve! Sounds delicious!

  9. that thing is ugly as a thunderstorm. WTF is up with china and coming up with these goofy ass names of things? what the f&^k is a fush? enough with all the vape frippery. just make things that are useful. gaudy lights can stay in dubai nightclubs…

  10. I have tube mods I have a Broadside tube and Vgod pro also a El thunder mech and a purge copper mech… I only use rdas on them with LG hb6 batteries they are proven 30 amp batteries by battery mooch or the Sony vtc5A batteries

  11. I always here don't use a tank or rta on a mech mod what is the real difference between a rda and rta the 510 pin is not different between them

  12. @pbusardo what is a good recommendation for a great mtl rebuildable tank for a beginner? I'm wanting to venture in to that stuff just to try it.

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