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A Pistol Grip Vape MOD?! The SMOK MAG Kit!


If you are trying to quit smoking and looking for an ecig device to transition over to vaping successfully check out the link below.

The JUUL ECIG device:

RiP Trippers Ejuice: (40% OFF RIGHT NOW!)

Get The SMOK MAG Kit at:

My Instagram Giveaways:

My website:

SMOK Website:

SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank video:

SMOK Procolor Video:


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  1. Does anyone know if these websites are legitnd come with everything? Jw ive been to bad websites before. Thank you.

  2. I am a lefty, and it's perfect for me as well. I can see the screen still regardless, but the release is also facing me still, so issues there.

  3. Think im going see about getting this on being my battery door on my procolor wont lock in place after a month :/. Im modless ?

  4. The day that I am making this comment is my birthday and so what I did is I went out and I got the smok mag and just let me tell you it was the best damn mod I've ever used

  5. Not to be that guy buuut a clip is fed through the top of a rifle
    And a magazine is put into the bottom of a rifle or most fire arms now and magazines are spring fed. But imma just let that be…

  6. Got this when it first came out. Loved it since I got it. I did have the Pro Color but the tank broke because I crashed my car and it broke ? so I got a new one and it was the Smok Mag ? I’m in Love with it now ??

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