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After the Hype – Sense Arrow Kit- Still Good? – VapingwithTwisted420


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  1. i love this mod, but i barely use the LED anymore although the only time i do use it is at Rave and its super fun for that

  2. Shit yeah it is bro! You just sent me one last week! And I love it! I wanted it when I first saw it. The original prototype had some issues. So I had to wait several months for you to get me a new improved version. I love it. It’s fun as fuccccck! Definitely worth a buy. Works Great ! Thanks bro

  3. I bought this kit after viewing your review, and was able to find replacement coils only thanks to the video. Still love it, still rock the lights constantly. Stay frosty man. I love your content!

  4. I have the Herakles 3 Mesh and I've tried like 4 coils and ALL of them leak! I had this problem with the Herakles plus too back in the day. How can I stop this from leaking? Its the only tank that does it.

  5. I think this should be a required item at a rave. Then everyone would be blind for the next 3 days and I wouldn’t have to deal with them in traffic.

  6. Great video bro!! Need to see more of this kind of vid, Awesum idea dude!🤘 I like my Herakles 3 but mine didn't come with bubble glass & mesh coils came out much later for it.. love it's topfill too but I noticed the drip tip on the one ur showing looks bigger than mine, I mean it's same kind just wider lookin🤔… I love sum LED's & that mod has a couple cool features But not enuff for me to want one.. Not bad tho.
    Make more of these!✌😎

  7. Great video twisted! Love after the hype. Not to shabby of a kit. Even better now at the price point. Stay sexy brotha!!!

  8. Thanks for bringing this back I love the led game since 88 I love them want them all!!! Going to buy this kit right now!!! Stay twisted! Joseph!!!

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