asMODus Galatek RDA w/ Squonk Pin – Build & Wick – Mike Vapes

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  1. Al Jerry says

    I'm gonna use it on my brand new Pulse 80W 😉

  2. Ilkin Shirinov says

    Galatek RDA good for squonk or not?

  3. Sleepy Morales says

    Its the rocketeer

  4. Sam Latiza says

    Definitely squonk this rda.

  5. bdp fucc up says

    Enough with the 510 adapters lol those things are older than a medieval prostitute goons are the future 👍🏽

  6. Solvita123 says

    Regular 510 cuz i don't have a squonk box yet

  7. Frankie Cope says

    never used a squaker but would give it a try otherwise id just use it as a standard rda im happy to drip

  8. Sonny Rivera says

    That would look sweeeeet! On my Li-Mo… of course it would have to be SQUONKED! Please do Galatekate that one right this<=====<Way LOL

  9. Kevin Sheridan says

    I'd use it in both modes

  10. Vincent Burlet says

    i would surely squonk it! thank u but for now i could only use it on my mechs¨!!!

  11. Michael Diamantino says

    Dripping on a squonk.. LMFAO.. Shit leaks like crazy

  12. George Young says

    Mike, did you just take credit for coining the phrase " painting happy clouds"?

  13. Drip N Rip says

    Definitely squonk it. But.. I'm no longer using cotton or anything similar for my RDA's. To give myself more room for juice, increased wicking rate and unlimited lifetime of wick life, I am now only using Ready-X-Wick… I recommend that both you and your viewers check it out.. Look it up on YouTube.

  14. John Luu says

    Amazing rda! Looks like a perfect squonker for me. Thanks Mike

  15. Benjamin Guess says

    Every since I got into squonking I look for rda a to have a squonk pin.

  16. Norberto Carbajal says

    No squonk just regular 510 do not own a squonking mod

  17. EJ_VAPES says

    I would squonk it

  18. MegaShadow1976 says

    nice review..
    i never used squanking mod, so i would use with normal 510 pin..

  19. Bsting555 says

    Would use it in squonk

  20. Rolf Karlsson says

    Love it. I am looking to get into squonking and this seems like the thing that will keep me in it. Cheers.

  21. Mohamed Fawzy says

    nice flavor machine RDA and I prefer using it with normal pin .. thanks Mike for the great review

  22. andy lara says

    I'll used it as a normal rda

  23. Jai Finn says

    I would squonk the hell out of this RDA!!! Thanks for the review.

  24. Downeast Outdoors says

    i would use it in sqonk mode! Thanks for the review Mike!

  25. vapeking brian says

    hey mike id squonk with this one

  26. Jacob Mcdonald says

    I would just drip it

  27. Ricky Mahoney says

    Defiantly squonk it and it would look real nice on my stainless Therion hint hint lol. But i know when Mike says its a keeper or its staying in the rotation its a must buy for me

  28. pao xiong says

    Interesting looking rda. Always a flavor chaser. Would be great to add to my collection of rda.

  29. Northbound Bushcraft says


  30. Gabriel Cordova says

    I'd definitely squonk it! Finally got my squonker and the perfect stainless billet button to get matchy wit it.

  31. Alejandro De La Fuente says

    Mike do u announce the winner here on the comments or how do you?

  32. Backtheblue 970 says

    I would use the 510 pin can't afford any of the good sqounk mods out there right now too expensive! Great review mike! Thanks!

  33. Dirt Man says

    I would use it in regular mode as i dont have a squanka mod but iwould love to have a squanka mod

  34. Felix Pascua says

    Mike, I will gonna us it as RDA

  35. AMX says

    I would Squonk

  36. Anaconda Vapes says

    looks a little out there lol great reviews bud keep it up

  37. Hin Inc says

    love to try sqounking RDA, I have standard RDA already but no squonk yet

  38. Sindre Mathiassen says

    squonk ofc! 🙂

  39. Jason Duncan says

    Sounds like a great rda! The stainless will go great on my Lost Vape Drone squonker!

  40. chris bridges says

    I would drip it Mike.

  41. Charmaine Dimal says

    I would use it as a normal RDA!

  42. Isaac Sanchez says

    Great video, Mike! I'm more of a dripping person, so I'd probably be using this one with regular 510 pin. Awesome that Asmodus made a good one.

  43. Rodney Beavis says

    mike i would squonk that bad boy flat out.. i would have to take off my icon to do so or buy a new squonk device as your icon is my main sqounking rda but i would buy another sqounk mod for it maybe it would look good on the drip box.. failing that i would build squonk mod for it.. cheers

  44. Slim Sampy says

    Squonk life baby

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