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Aspire Puxos & Cleito Pro Starter Kit Review and Rundown | Lightweight and 2×700 Compatiable


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This is a (p)review of the Aspire Puxos kit with the Cleito Pro. We all know how the cleito coils perform, beastly. Amazing coils that have been selling for the longest, especially since when I did the review for it; I enjoyed the hell out of it. This is a very good kit for someone just starting out. Even if you just want the mod, its a nice set up.

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  1. Aspire puts to many out . They come out with new stuff all the time . Jai your cool dude ! I’m gonna come by your Edison store and get a bunch of stuff. Awesome web site you have . Totally awesome ! Big. AL. N.Y

  2. Jai, Watching your videos and trying to catch up. Bought the new Aspire Puxos kit and the first thing i liked was the lightweight mod and at first i thought i just blew 65 bucks but it comes with a revamped Cleito Pro tank and the first thing besides getting a 21700 battery which i think it's a pretty good battery. Not sure about the 4000 mah rating on that browny orange jimmy-jam but i really like the mod and i drop kicked it by accident and since it was so light the panels flew off but no damage. Also that mod i like i can do voltage mode. The Skystar has voltage mode and the reason i like voltage mode so much is if i have an atty and if i screwed up the build which i have done voltage will always stay the same but wattage mode if your build is 0.2 ohms and all of a sudden some crazy shit happens and it jumps up to 1.0 ohms which has happened to me and my regulated mod picked up the change but it let me fire my 70 or 80 watt build that was.2 ohms and now it jumped up to 1 ohm for whatever crazy reason it would singe the my lungs and that cough would suck. Aspire for a cheaper or should i say more affordable brand i like their mods. This new one i love it because of the power of a single 21700 and you are right it should never use an 18650 unless you don't have a spare 21700 and you are vaping something at 40 watts it will be ok but that 21700 will fire at 80 watts and give you 80 watts most of the time. Great review again.

  3. So Jai Haze something you didn't include that people should know is that Aspire does sell the different panels for $4.99 on their site. There are a lot of different options for the panels.

  4. Good job Jai! Was wondering tho if the tank got super hot after vaping? I set mine up and it gets SO hot after 3 puffs. Have I done something wrong or are they just like that??

  5. Idk, imho there's not much out there that's 'feminine', so I like that pattern. 🙂 Due to back issues causing hand numbness & dexterity issues, am a 7+ yr vaper who is forced to use only plug/play type tanks these days. (sadly) That said, no matter what tank I've tried over the years, once the included coils are done…… always end up going back to my Clieto120 every time! Flavor, airflow smoothness & coil longevity = win (as far as tanks go) imho. Thanks for sharing & glad you didn't throw/smash 'er this time! #IKIRHY Live long(ER) & vape on!

  6. Don't drop it, nocked my g.f. off the chair busted the top right out of the mod not very durable good review tank is bad ass!

  7. Hey Jai watch how you're gonna spell the name of this kit.. if a greek person hears you it's not gonna end well… 😂😂😂😂

  8. Do a BMI review cause I hear about you like your high end well it’s pretty high end as I said I live in Cyprus so I get a lot of shit from Greece but I’ve never seen you do I bmi review why is it because you don’t own any BMI products or just can’t be bothered bought the Beserker Mod had the 1st one now had to by the 2nd rendition it’s gotta be the hardest hitting mod out there unless you get a mod made for you.

  9. Hmmm LOL 1:37

    And for all those legless, amputates and lobster boys out there, some words to live by Jai Haze #3251:

    "don't do cartwheels"

  10. Jai's PSA: If you have no legs you should not be worried about doing cartwheels! Lmao like a twinkie rolling over! hahah!! Great review its nice Aspire is keeping newer vapers in mind. Older vapers got to taper from like the Nautilus to the Atlantis then on… Now days its like Bam here is this fat ass coil you need 80w to push… Not great for newer vapers IMO! This is that needed setup that fills the gap between super subohm and MTL. With a box that will allow you to upgrade to higher wat needing tanks later on!

  11. To flip the screen …unlike most mods instead of just hitting the two buttons together n it flipping ..this one once u do that and u see the aspire symbol just hit the up or down button and it will flip u just need that extra little step of hitting the up and down button …thats all!

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