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Augvape Druga Foxy Box Mod Review and Rundown | Quick Release Innovation


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This is a (p)review of the Augvape Druga Foxy. This bring I guess another set of maybe some problems most of us do not have. I have never heard someone complain about not being able to take off the 510 or their tank from their mod. At least now there 100% wont be a problem.

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  1. Jai sold the mod in the review, to me last week. I personally like it. It feels durable, and by far the heaviest mod I’ve ever owned.

  2. You have to turn it a small amount to release it. safety feature to stop it falling off if you press the button by accident

  3. Nice review Jai.. I was looking at this mod in my local B&M…thought it was pretty cool looking… Love the OHMs law inside… It's just a simple mod… Screen is plain, game boy jammy, like you said…. But I like it… I don't mind dual 18650's….I can always use another mod for a dripper, or rta… Since I mostly squonk… Still a dripper at heart.. Lol… 😊

  4. Finger fucked by an orgy of people and there's bukake all over the mod!! 14:15 HAHA oh shit thats funny af! Sentence of the year! damn I was cracking up! I do love the look of this mod! the shape dual batt, simple yet very effective! just as you said that little gameboy screen (more like a casio watch) and the quick release that for the most part is pointless (Tho it may work nice for those drippers that just spin so you dont have to take your top cap off)

  5. How in the fuck do you contact a company from China? See, this is why so many people get away with stealing ideas…it's really hard to stop them…

  6. The mod in my opinion is overprice for just that quick release and that ohm laws you can get a better mod with a lot of option below the price point of that mod.

  7. innovation is key to progression & I have the utmost RESPECT for you Jai because you are one of the ONLY people who's main priority is innovation and progression lol GREAT review!! ☮💨😁

  8. the quick release on your might be flimzy jai, its not my thing but i just bought one and the quick release really effective then yours.mine when pressing the quick release and the atty pop out. i think u got the as mark i watch one of the live show, it should work like mikes one your kinda flimzy one like fagan. QC issue try look in to it

  9. Eh i think innovation is meh. We don't need innovation we need refinement imo… im tired of chasing new flavors of the month. I just want… occasional releases of well done, well built tried and true shit.

  10. Whats good VL, thanks for the review, i think that shit (the QR), is unique, right now, but dont think its a good idea to really be able to press a trigger and have the atomizer pop off anytime ne where, lol. But the mod itself does look dope aesthetically. Now that same shit with a 2" touch screen, or even just a color screen, with the ohms law shit, but like jai said where we could put in any of the variables, now that would be nice!

  11. i can think of a few times i could have used that when I have had a hell of a time getting an rda or rta off the top of my mod due to over tightening

  12. I love the simplicity of this mod. I love how clean it looks with the buttons being hidden. I hate when I'm trying to switch my dripper and the top cap just keeps spinning so I have to remove it and grab it by the deck which fucks up the coils. It's a nice simple mod with a cool and useful feature. Thanks for the honest review, Jai!

  13. Jai I hate doing this brother but when taking it off give it a 1/4 to 1/2 turn anticlockwise while pressing the quick release I'm a 100% with u it's not quick release but yet it's innovation what we as a community need to push your reviews brother

  14. i think the quick release feature on yours is bad because i watched 3 other videos on this mod and they all worked fine for them. So it might be the device you got. so maybe 1/4 will have a bad quick release.

  15. i hate wasp, i've gotten so many wasp in my store. i wonder if its the smell of vape juice. i had to have a costumer come behind the counter because i couldnt kill the wasp, because i didnt have my epi-pen any where near me

  16. I agree with you Jai the screen is tiny & very very simple & plain.. I'm not sure if this would play a part but wouldn't a smaller more simple screen use less of your battery? Idk if a bigger screen like the vaporesso polar will use much of the battery life or not but just a thought/question. Love all your reviews Jai ! TY

  17. Great review Jai. IMO get rid of the quick release,make it dual 20/21700 and make the screen a bit bigger(maybe like the Oceanus) and I would say it's a winner. And btw if I were in your store and saw a wasp….well I'd probably go into kill mode. I'm allergic to wasp/bee stings. So anytime a wasp or bee is near me I have to kill it,or get the hell out of Dodge,lol.

  18. I like the quick release because sometimes I get annoyed about screwing atomizers on and off. I assumed that the quick release would allow people to line up the logos on their atomizers with the mod so it wouldn't be cockeyed on top but I was wrong cuz you still have to give it another quarter turn to make a solid connection.

  19. Only use if you tighten your atty too much. Besides that, who tf is slinging rdas off their mods like a damn gunslinger

  20. Great review Jai. No one does the drop test that I know of, but everyone does that stupid rattle test. Seriously! Who the hell shakes the shît out of their mod?

  21. I own a druga foxy and to get the quick release to work every time don't pull it just a half twist when the button is pressed. Works like a dream. Just a tip.

  22. Jai, I like it for two reasons. One its simple as hell to use very basic chip and it does voltage that's a plus. Two, I love the fact that I can center my addys line the airports where I want them. This way when I purge I dont lose my eyebrows. Plus everything looks better when it's all lined up and centered. I push my addy towards the fire button. It took me a minute to learn the trick to getting it on and off with ease

  23. I personally like this mod I don't care about the quick release but seeing pictures of the gun metal one or black whatever color it is I think it's sexy

  24. I like the quick release but it like power windows u dont need it but it does make it easier also Most of the people i seen with it says it takes a few days of using it for it to break in and start working smoother but some attys still needed a 1/4 turn when putting a atty on it

  25. Absolutely shittiest fucking idea EVER!🖕🏾Who needs to put their tank on and off 3 seconds faster than rest of us? Huh? All kinda problems written all over this fucked up "innovation". I like the looks of the mod tho. And the hidden buttons and centered 510. I would never ever buy a mod with this kinda shit on it. Even if I would use it without that quick release shit, I would be nervous about the 510. And all those threading that this is going to fuck up in my atties…. shit.

  26. I would only use this feature for my attys that dont sit straight on my line uo my airflow or logos. but other then that i dont see the point. But is a nice option. It would be nice for my smok tanks cause they tighten too much and its hard to screww the Whole tank off with out it separating from the chimney

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