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Boulder Rock e-cig Review!


my review for the cartridge-based electronic cigarette, the boulder rock! amazing product that i am so glad i got the chance to review!

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  1. I'm not sure where you purchased this device, but I just got one this week from Electric Tobacconist for $9.99, and I grabbed a 2 pack of spare pods for $6.95. I didn't care for the Boulder e-juice that comes with the device, it was a bit harsh. The device itself works great and I'd recommend it to others. The only cons I found were the rubber stopper for the pods is a pain if you drop it, and when I took the pod out to switch pods for a different flavor, there was some liquid on the outside of the pod and down in the device where the contacts are. This is still better than any small device that I've tried (Juul/My Blu/Vuse).

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