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Breach Alpha Veil Demon Gameplay and Build – Cerberus Weaver


Build Info:

1. Cerberus Core(Veil Shifter 3.)
Otherwise it is the normal Chaos Weaver, although possible alterations would be to exchange 3. Frosts of Elivagar for Grael Cage (World Shaper 3) or Sacrifice (Task Master 1) for a more damage heavy variant. In the second video I ran the Aethyr Coil(Arcane Artificer 1) on 2 instead, but that is slightly worse i found.

Gems: 3 x AoE Dmg per Level
1 x AoE Dmg flat
Talents (and as such gear with the talents):
Level 1 – Downing a Hero grants 60 seconds worth of charge for conjuring spells.
Level 2 – Shards of Cerberus detonates again in the same location.
Level 3 – Not as important, most of the time Elite Charge.
Level 4 – You are now invisible to Heroes

Whats important against good enemies with this build, is constantly harrassing and burning their potions, getting level 2 at least, and then try to combo as much as possible with your Mobs/Elites and Bosses. Level 3 is not very important and level 4 is mainly a Quality of Life improvement, allthough it can be very hard to deal with an invisible veil demon.

Sorry for no commentary.

This Build is basically taking a Veil demon class that relies on breach spells but has a great conjuring signature and turn it into a mainly conjuring heavy one. This is one of the most 2 Dimensional builds this game has to offer, but its is really fun. (not neccesarrily for the Heroes)

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  1. haha you guys sound like you are having a lot of fun! some good banter. nice work and subbed to see more of your stuff 🙂

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