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Build,Vape,and REVIEW! Geekvape Ammit MTL RTA! VapingwithTwisted420


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  1. Nice review. That’s not a dragon on there, though. Ammit is the ancient Egyptian goddess with a crocodile head and a lion’s mane.

  2. Why aren’t you answering my messages Richard. What are you afraid of I don’t bite. It’s a shame you don’t fulfill your obligations to your patreons and then when we message you to let you that we didn’t get our monthly gift you don’t answer our messages. That’s perty said dude. Now you know why I stopped paying $100 a month as a patreon of yours!

  3. @JWA79 my number one UK website I will always use first unless they don't have it in stock, brilliant prices, if you order before 2pm I've always had my order the next morning. 2nd choice is only if Vaping101 didn't have what I wanted in stock, brilliant prices too, hope that helps. I have the Ammit RDA it's both a good MTL & restrictive DTL Vape, so I'll definitely be picking Ammit RTA up tomorrow Friday with the ETNA RDA a really good MTL RDA by DigiFlavour. Great review.

  4. I was going to finally buy a Siren 2 on FastTech.. but then I figured I'd wait around and see if the Ammit MTL RTA was any good.. (I'm still torn.. IDK.. I may get both.)

  5. Can anyone recommend some decent UK online stores for Vape stuff , it seems like Ebay is definitely a no go with it being flooded with knock off's from the far east

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