CBD OIL FOR ANXIETY | 2 MONTH Review & Side Effects

The capsules I use are 10mg, and the spray is 3mg. I will use the spray if I’m looking to take less than 10mg, and the capsules if I am looking to take more.






  1. Jamie Burke says

    My son is 1 week without seizures, since starting last week with it. <3.

  2. Kiana Moon says

    Woah what you said about getting irritable if someone interrupts your thinking. That totally happens to me!! Ive never heard anybody say that amd didnt realize it had tp do with amxiety. Thank you!

  3. SupremeRevival155 says

    I take Vicodin for anxiety!

  4. joel narbarz says

    I order mine online that's THC FREE. I can't fail a drug test. Its still illegal in my state. Plus I dont like the feeling of being high.

  5. amclellan84 says

    How much ML in a day? People say a few drops or so? Some bottles only have like 10ml?

  6. Kelly says

    Hi there, what was the brand and strength of the cbd?

  7. Ray Price says

    I’ve recently gotten Anxiety for a couple of months now and now my family telling me to try this to help me! Bc like you said about Mood I’m exact same way it happen to me yesterday actually when I was trying to get ready for one thing but the other is telling me to do something else and I’m like half tempted to tell them to “shut the f*** up” lol and it’s really affecting me bc it makes me sick and throat right up also after words! My main concern was the side effects.. when I get anexity it feels like I’m smoking pot but I haven’t done in almost a year now and it kinda scares me a lot when it happen especially when I’m trying to sleep! If I take CBD will I feel that again bc I don’t want that at all like I’m pretty sick of that feeling lol! Also will it also help me eat better and help with my indergestion? Bc that’s been my problem too!! And how do u take yours bc I been to take it anyway like drop liquid under your tongue or drink or whatever the other was! Will it truly help me just by a 2 drops a day bc I’m planning on buying it for myself Monday but I want to be sure it’s worth what it is!!

  8. Boštjan Sladič says

    Hey. Im suffering from anxiety and depression for 15 years now. After watching your video today i went to a local hemp shop and bought 10 ml 10% of oil today. I took a recommended 3 drops of it and after 5 minutes i became very relaxed and calm. Im cery satysfied from day one. I will use it on a daily basis. Thank you. You kinda saved my life.. god bless u all.

  9. Natalie N says

    I was told this calms you & if you take more than your body needs, it'll make you sleepy. I got the Oil today from The Hemp Farmacy & the chick KNEW alll about it!

  10. rob harvey says

    Nice video. I have very similar issues like overthinking anxious brain. Fearing the worst ECT. Still in the early stages of CBD use but I do believe it is and will work out. Currently on raw cannabis oil 500mg spray. Seeming to do the trick. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the cool video 👌

  11. Roxanne Bartley says

    Is there thc in the CBD oil you use?

  12. Sofa king silly says

    Takes me like 4 hours to have orgasm now compared to 1

  13. Michael Scheller Beats says

    cutie 3.14

  14. Max G says

    What's on your lip?

  15. William Tarr says

    I take a full dropper full twice a day and feel so much better no depression no anxiety and my adhd is way better too

  16. Daniel Hillard says

    Our generation is fucked with mental problems…and our parents grew up in the 70's…..hmmmm I wonder if there's a connection there

  17. greenhatboystudios says

    anyone else notice her nose ring dissapearing within the first 15 secconds?

  18. John doe says

    My anatomy teacher said that in some people (ADD/ADHD) their frontal lobe does not get proper blood circulation… when you take adarol it increases the circulation in the frontal lobe and you get the effects you were talking about… now when you take MJ or cbd, it does the same thing… increases the blood circulation, especially in the frontal lobe, hence more awake, more stable mood, can control your thouchts, and better focus, probably more communicable… "More normal"= )

  19. Le0 Corleone says

    Hi I bought the same bottle u have ,how many pumps should I take for my anxiety?

  20. Trevor Herrick says

    I believe I desperately need CBD oil, for my anxiety. Most of the time, I feel like I'm not in my natural state of being, which isn't a quaking mess. My anxiety is so strong that it makes my hands, arms, legs and other extremities shake and jitter. It could't be more difficult for me (could it?) to even hold a pen and write with adequate penmanship. I really hope the CBD oil can help me with these issues on my journey to thinking logically with subjects that I must learn about in order to be successful on this planet. Thanks for the informational video, I loved it

  21. John Foster says

    ok so do you know much about quality and if this company make good shit, I just bought some so I just was thinking I did not research it well. I hope its good.

  22. Anna Ustian says

    i feel daily anxiety and have major trouble with sleeping and just having crazy anxiety and thoughts when i go to bed and it ends up with me being awake the whole night. CBD and THC is completely new to me. Can anybody give me advice what to start with for, in my case, daily anxiety (no anxiety attacks) (and also not depressed). So i can look further into it.

  23. morsk89 says

    Dislike for your eyebrows

  24. zanal says

    I just started today and my axiety is better on the fist day i feel relaxed and less depressed i feel less stressed

  25. Mustafa Ba Haj says

    This was so helpful, I'm going thru what you are going thru, I'm proud of you that you got the courage to do these videos. Stay happy sister

  26. Anngele V says

    I’m really considering getting CBD for my occasional anxiety. Sometimes it’s very bad for a week straight and my entire body aches for another week while I rid my body of the stress hormones! I’m at a loss for what to do because I’m not interested in prescription medication for anxiety. Thanks for this video, I may make a purchase soon!

  27. Elizabeth Laprea says

    I tried CBD for my dog because he has separation anxiety and after about two weeks i started noticing a change in his behavior. I did so much research on it and decided to go with this brand called Pure Relief based on the reviews. I'm so glad CBD was able to help my pup out, i was super worried about him

  28. So Hempful says

  29. drazen petro says

    Does anyone experience obsessive yawning and breathlessness due to anxiety?

  30. Josh Lee says

    ye your fit

  31. steven wright says

    This stuff gives me a huge boner

  32. Arcade jedi says

    people who have anxiety wouod not get a freakin nose ring.. i cant imagine any thing more anxiety causing that getting nose pierced

  33. Kelly Tarantino says

    Do you take the gold tabs? Once a day. I just started for anxiety but not seeing the effects yet

  34. Heidi Shorman says

    Check out @innout_hemp on iG! We are giving away CBD so our customers can try our products risk free! If you’re interested, use code “healing” on our website Getinnouthemp.com for 50% off your first order!

  35. living with anxiety Lisa johnson says

    I have awful anxiety and ptsd you have really inspired me with my channel thsnk you so much… I use oil every day it really helps

  36. Cady Youngbauer says

    it energizes me aswell

  37. espaghetti99 says

    I convinced my wife to take cbd oil and now she loves it. It really helps with her anxiety.

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