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CBD OIL FOR PAIN! Review & Side Effects


Hey guys! I posted a picture on instagram the other day using a CBD oil vape and I got so many questions that I thought i’d make a video about it! Let me know if you have any other questions and give this video a thumbs up please if you like it!

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  1. CBD works best when used in conjunction with THC that is scientific fact based on research
    Chariots Web CBD oil does contain a small amount of THC most brands do and it is worthy to note that most CBD oil has different concentrations of CBD and THC so do your research before taking it

  2. Such a great video!! I started taking CBD oil a few months ago and it’s honestly made a huge difference in my life. My chiropractor recommended it to me. I deal with chronic pain, anxiety, depression and paresthesia (tingling and numbing in my feet) the past couple years I went to a whole lot of drs and always being prescribed strong pain killers and medication that gave horrible side effects. The cbd oil keeps a bunch of my symptoms at bay without the side effects.

  3. The prescriptions doctors prescribed for me for migraines made me end up in the ER. I've had panic attacks since then. So I'm going to try CBD.

  4. Pot has been available to the general population for 60 years. Opioids under the FDA and Big Pharma for 10 which one is a National crisis?

  5. I don't know why people freak out about paying $5 a day for proper nutritional support and prevention of inflammation. Cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, sweets, synthetic hormones, chemicals, prescription, etc. nobody questions! Three years of proper management, I am free of all Rx AND PAIN!

  6. Dear, talk about brain fry! Please consider having your brain neurotransmitters levels checked and use that info to get off of that SSRI!! If indeed you are taking it for balancing you serotonin, GABA, etc. You can do that with supplements that are completely healthy! Yes the CBD is a miracle for so much. I too take it for chronic structural pain I am. Not a doctor but a psychiatric RN and know the long and even short term effects of the SSRI’s. The doctors hand them out like crazy for EVERYTHING, but never to their families!! Please do some more research on this! Wishing you the very best health and continued success in your search for optimal health!

  7. Title did not say anything about your opinion on ethics, I was looking only for specific product reviews and product amounts. Thanks for the wasted time.

  8. Do you have Ehlers danlos syndrome? It sounds like it with the dislocations you’re having, may be good to look it up. I have EDS as well

  9. Alcohol and cigarettes kill more people a year and yet marijuana is illegal. The way this country has demonized marijuana is insane. So many people are dying from opioids because they get addicted because there are few alternatives for pain out there. Marijuana should be legal for recreation and medical. It’s ridic it’s not. But as soon as the companies that sell us cigs and alcohol and big pharma decide they can stop fighting this and make money from it too, they will put the pressure on the govt to make it federally legal

  10. i feel sometimes our goverment uses drugs as a population control sadly , thats why there hesitating so much to legalize Marajuana for the nation, im in new york and new jersey already is legalized for medicial purpose's

  11. GREAT VIDEO!!!! I sell CBD that is 100% Pure CBD Absolutely NO Fillers – wondering if I could send you a link to check it out.

  12. Great Video!
    CBD Is AMAZING if you have a Pure CBD without fillers. Not all CBD is made the same and not all CBD can be vaped.

  13. When I get stiff and in pain, I take one pill with Turmeric 100mg.,CBD 10Mg and black pepper extract 4 mg. It helps as much or more than Advil or Aleve. It seems to keep the pain away for sometimes a week.

  14. You want to inflame your lungs and increase your risk of developing COPD later in life then vape.If you want to take CBD oil then take it (a few drops) under your tongue. What is the point in taking a natural remedy in a manner that undermines your health. You lungs are under assault from pollutants in including diesel particulates, why make it worse. When you have seen people permanently on oxygen because of lung disease you would think twice about vaping.

  15. I have chronic pain from over 25 years of migraines and severe back issues. Slipped disc, 2 broken pars, 2 slipping vertebrae, arthritis, and intense S1 joint pain. All in lower back L3-L5. Serious pain. I can’t take any pain meds Rx or over the counter because they all cause rebound migraines. Kill me now pain. They all want to prescribe narcotics, can’t take, muscle relaxers, rebounded, or pt that doesn’t work. I also get migraines from so many things weather, food, hormones, smells, all nuts, even cross contamination. I can even get them if I take a vitamin because of too much in one pill. I have to take little bites of things and work my way up. Can’t drink protein shakes because of too many vitamins in one thing. Also have hypothyroid and take meds. They’ll make alcohol legal which in my opinion is worse and kills more people. I think because it would help so many people medically that the insurance and pharmaceutical companies don’t want to lose money. If you get better, they can’t keep charging you for ongoing treatment and meds.

  16. I have fibromyalgia, migraines, and insomnia. I'm trying out the same cbd luxe vape pen. I'm praying that something will help. I'm 23 and want to be a normal 23 year old!

  17. I'm a little late on this, but first off great vid, and secondly did you say the turnip truck? As in the one in Nashville? If so you should 100% check out the hemp dispensary in Murfreesboro, it's a ways out, but Tennessee Hemp Supply is pretty great. There's also a place in franklin that has great edibles and other products.

  18. Wow such a wealth of knowledge…thnx so much for this video…ive been taking this for a week and u have been pain free for 5 days!!!!!

  19. I just starting using this….I got so tired of popping pills for pain that it effected my stomach. I'm hoping it works…

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