CBD Oil Review – CBD Vape Juice Additive 300mg, 500mg

Big J reviews CBDfx’s 300mg and 500mg CBD vape additives!

This is high strength CBD oil at its finest. At 300mg and 500mg of full-spectrum CBD per 10mL bottle, these are our strongest concentration of CBD oils ever. Mix these totally organic CBD vape additives in with your favorite e-juice and enjoy the bold flavor and potency of our 300mg or 500mg formula.

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  1. Issei Hyoudou says

    There's a 1000 mg one on ebay for like 10 bucks

  2. Dude0351 says

    I thought it tasted earthy, but kind of like a bitter honey. Love this product

  3. therealvegan runner says

    That brand tastes like s***

  4. Kosh800 says

    Without further "ado"

  5. Liz Selman says

    It’s 60 days and I’m still waiting

  6. Cedric Koonce says

  7. SupremeGoCrazy • says

    Can someone explain to me the difference between this and thc ? And also does this get you high ? Is it like weed ? I’m just trying to find a vape oil or some sort I can use and get baked off of

  8. Ginger A. Goodin says

    Users of legal age will be able to shop online! https://dailyweedonline.com

  9. GFue says

    Feel like this would be a dumb question to ask, but could I vape it while driving? Or does that fall under a DUI

  10. Vol Vapes says

    Great job man . I'm using 500 mg and it has changed my life seriously.

  11. FiregosseGaming says

    WHAT when i clicked and saw his subs i was shocked i would have expected over 300k subs-

  12. Quality says

    very professional i must say! If you get a better mic im sure you will get more subs.

  13. Lewis says

    How does he not have more subs?!?!

  14. Morganchan Gaming says

    Shit I thought this was unbox therapy

  15. Polar Bear says

    Guess this douchbag isn't going to vape it lol, what a pointless review, TIP review the product you are reviewing lol

  16. D O P E V I L L A says

    Ni*&@ what does it taste like vaped. Is it skunky or tasteless

  17. Dia'ne Eckstine says

    What is the big chill 75 mg how do I use it?love your videos Thanks for viewing

  18. markdotcomau says

    Watch decide and riiiide 🙂

  19. Cleo Alvaro says

    Would you mind telling me the difference between cbd additive and cbd vape juice?

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