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Coil-Less Vape Innovation!!!! The Joyetech Ultex T80 Kit!


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  1. Ok so its a mesh vaporizor with what appears to be a proprietary mesh. Dosnt matter what its made out of it still operates the same. Personally i prefer ones i can rebuild with materials from other brands. But thats me.

  2. If you still have to unscrew the "element" then buy a new one and replace it does it really even matter that its "coilless"?

  3. I don't know what's wrong with Rips Mod or Juice in this Video. I own 2 of these T 80 Kits & must say spit back depends on the PG/VG Mix. I don't get any spit back at all. & yes it looks like a Light Sabre hilt. It's beautiful. I have 2 called Dazzle & it's really Rainbow. I used one piece of the Cotton supplied over thin strong cardboard to make a template to cut more Cotton from regular Cotton Sheets. Once I cut it to the right size I'll peel of the 1st layer on both sides & it works great. The flavor of everything I've tried so far is outstanding. Battery life depends on the MAH rating of your 26650. I use a 3000 MAH 40Amp High Drain Battery & I get 2 to 3 days out of it depending on Hits. Joyetech stated the heating element will last 3 months.

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