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Crafty Vaporizer Review by The Vape Critic


My Crafty Vape Review – See my rating here:

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Mighty review:

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  1. I loved the vape BUT…the grooves that the lid screws into is plastic. Mine chipped off after a few weeks. Also it started to shut down on its own or not heat up at all despite the light being green (was fully charged. It started flashing yellow and red)

    I went to the crafty from a pax 2. When it works…it's great. The vapour is super clean and the over is easy to empty. Definitely better than the pax in that regard.

    However the fact it can't be relied upon to work consistently negates all its positives.

  2. I love him, my Mighty, he made me discover the pleasures of vaporization, it's the best!
    It's easier to use that the Crafty, i think,
    So, I even made a "little" chain just for him! 🙂 @ +

  3. Can you use this vape for oil only? I see there is the small attachment for oil, but wouldn't the oil just stick to it and get nasty?

  4. Why do they call it a vaporizer if it's for herbs….it's an herbalizer…vapes, vaporizers are smok, aspire, wismex, etc

  5. Great review thank you
    I just made up my mind to buy a "Crafty"
    I have owned a volcano for over ten years, bought it used on E bay and its always performed perfectly with no issues whatsoever
    As far as people moaning about the cost…. hey… you get what you pay for cheap mothers

  6. my oven is basically black and i cant get it anywhere near the silver like yours what should i do i use iso and heat it up using cotton buds

  7. i thought u fill the spacer up with bud then just tip it in like a bucket or something lol i stir my bowl after about 5 min with the orange thing at the bottom. i lost it so i use cocktail sticks now my grinder and filling chamber are all broken off and cracked and the teeth on the grinder snapped off and i smoke sometimes and i was grinding some bud and noticed a orange bit of the grinder teeth in my joint was crazy and lucky i saw it hte to think im smoking plastic from the grinder

  8. Perfect review! I have been using it for about a year and it's amazing.
    The only cons are exactly the ones you described.

  9. Hi Mr. Vape Critic. The world is changing and you are helping us adjust. Please consider moving your wife to Canada next July 2018 when your expertise will be needed from BC to PEI. Thank you for your very detailed reviews. Everybody checks with you first. Be well 👍

  10. Yeah so mine turned on in class at the start of a test (I could hear it vibrate) and made the immediate area smell like tobacco. Funny, yes, but don't keep this thing in your bag or it may turn on

  11. I always turn to you first for a review of whatever I'm looking to purchase. I'm loving my new Storz & Bickell Plenty and now looking at the Crafty to replace my husband's Pax2…I have a 2 & 3 as well. I'll have to check your comparison of the Pax3 & Crafty if you have one, and the Pax2 & Crafty that I know you have. Thanks for your honest and no nonsense reviews.

  12. So after watching your video it sold me on the Crafty. Well, I watch all of your review videos. I've been researching about a month after a I purchased the Puri5 de ja Vu. The Crafty has set the bar very high. Great product. We're enjoying the hell out of it. Stay up!

  13. Thank you for all of the crafty presentations that you made. Based upon them, I bought one. And I am very happy with it (with the same observations that you made about the battery).

  14. can't decide between this or the pax. have had my eye on the pax for awhile, just going by the design of it. But would want the best quality if I'm spending this much cash

  15. Just don't try to carry this past TSA boarding a flight. It looks like some kind of advanced hand grenade lol :).
    Or could be converted to that use…

  16. i was wondering about the battery. i charged my crafty fully and didnt use untill 2 days later and it was at half charge. so im wondering if i leave it for a month without charge would the battery be completely dead to the point of it wont charge anymore

  17. Can somebody tell me if the crafty chamber is smell proof? For example could I pack the chamber with herb and without using it just carrying it around with me could you smell the herb? Thanks

  18. When using the app to control the temp,does it stay at the chosen temp with next use or does it need to be reset before each use?

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