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DamnVape Fresia MTL RTA Review – DamnVape crack the dual airflow problem?


The Damn Vape Fresia MTL RTA is a new rebuildable tank from the folks over at Damnvape. This MTL tank goes down the road that a lot of others went down, MTL and restricted DTL vape from the same tank. The Damn Vape Fresia is also a smaller form factor tank in at 22mm instead of the common 25mm tanks that we see on the market today.

As always with a Vaping With Vic review, you know that I have tested this item for at least a week, instead of reviewing it the day after it comes in…this channel always tests items first before reviewing.

═╣ Damn Vape Fresia ╠═

01:10 ◄ Unboxing
01:56 ◄ Close Look
06:33 ◄ Coiling & Wicking
10:18 ◄ Thoughts


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Vaping With Vic is a self-employed review channel covering the market for electronic cigarettes (ecigs). Here on this channel, you will find me reviewing everything from small “starter” kits to help folks kick the tobacco habit, all the way up to the larger devices.

I received this product free of charge from the vendor or manufacturer for the purpose of review. This review is my personal experience with the product. As always, look at other reviews of the product to form your conclusion before you buy.


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  1. Coilology has MTL Staple wire on Fasttech for about $8 for 10 feet. Absolutely fantastic wire for the price. Give it a shot if you MTL.

  2. You entirely missed the point and the absolute brilliance of the design.
    The small pipe is active when you use MTL and DTL,
    BUT in DTL mode you get the outer tube active as well, its Dual Separate Airflow systems
    Thats why it can do DTL withthe same MTL flavour, you still get the jet hitting the center from the small tube, and the outer tube gives the extra airflow hitting the outside of the coil.

  3. VIC I left you a comment on you’re 1st look video of this FRASIA the day you did it but I guess you didn’t see it But the large slot with the 1 hole open draws air from the air pipe under the coil and also the square area around the pipe , that’s why you have 2 separate air openings, the large cyclops slot for the square area around the airflow pipe inside the deck and than the 1 single hole opened in concert with the cyclops brings air in through the pipe … NO ONE IS GETTING THS CORRECT IN REVIEWS! It shows it in the booklet and in photos of this thing it shows arrows and where the airflow comes from lol… maybe you can edit this video and mention it.., it’s a big deal and SUOER INNOVATION Damnvape deserves credit for … great review other than that as always .. I thought you would have seen my comment on you’re 1st view you did of this but it probably got lost in the sauce..

  4. This review is incomplete
    The airflow is the company’s site page there is a explanation pic how the airflow system work
    Tube in tube is the innovative system
    It’s like being review to the half RTA or to another

    I recommend to reupload a new video

  5. i dont know about yall, but im trying to get the terms Direct Lung, and Mouth to Lung changed into something like… small vape/big vape, and bring that into use. I feel like direct lung/Mouth to lung terms just sounds intense to non smokers or smokers thinking about quitting. i try to educate, and politely preach the gospel of vape to people that ask me about it, but those terms turns a lot of noses up , but im american, my country policy makers and save the kids people hate the direct lung term, because they dont understand what it feels like to have all this cloud come out of us and we say its healthier. they don't understand much in my country these days so its better dealt with in simple terms , much the way you'd talk to a small child to explain things. just my 2 cents but if we could all just go with small vape = pod/mtl. big vape =clouds for weeks from mechs/squonks/drippers thast would make me smile. thoughts? cheers brotha

  6. As a new vaper I’m hesitant to even think about rebuilables (I haven’t even gotten past the pods yet) but this looks amazing! I’m still trying to gauge what all the reviewers consider “too tight” or “too loose” but since I direct lung on my Nautilus AIO once in a while I’m guessing this tank would suit me pretty well. Thanks for another great review Vic!

  7. Vandy Vape makes superfine fused-clapton Ni80 MTL coils. Around 0.7ohms with about 6 wraps at 2.5 I.D. Been using them for ages, they are great, much more flavor than round-wire Kanthal and tbh I'm surprised I don't see any reviewers use them in their MTL tank videos.

  8. I think this would be awesome if they could have had one afc for mtl and one for dtl on the afc sort of like the fatality and then had that tube connected to the 510 be the mtl draw and the big hole around it be for dtl vaping. When I first saw this that’s what I thought they did but it seems all the air is coming out of the 510 tube under the coil Insted. Man that would have been a easy possible way to have a great mtl experience and a dtl experience without needing any plugs etc.

  9. Dammit ffs vic, I’ve just got the ammit, the true tank is winging it from China, now I’m gonna have to get this too 🤬

  10. The square thats around the tube is what supplys the airflow when its in wide open air mode. The tube is just suppling air when the very small airflow hole is selected. The holes/slits under neath the afc ring that is.

  11. Great review Vic, as soon as I saw the deck/airflow design I decided to take a punt and order them for stock so was waiting eagerly for a review from someone I know and trust. Glad I did now and of course I have 1.0 ohm MTL Claptons 🙂 Sorry this comment turned into a bit of a plug but didn't know how else to express it. Can't wait to try one for myself 🙂

  12. Vic, are you sure? I think the air jet is more complex than what you've described. The tube is used to supply air in MTL mode and the whole well is added when DL airflow is open. This is a brilliant idea!
    The wick holes are a bit too wide for an MTL build imho. I prefer to use 2mm ID builds for MTL. Still, another MTL tank that I can't wait to try for myself!

  13. If I'm not mistaken, the direct lung airflow actually comes in through the chamber AROUND the tiny pipe. Then when you use the MTL airflow it goes through the tiny pipe.

  14. Vic you need to get all your stuff together before you start coiling. Unless you need to pause for a shot. Love watching you.

  15. Thanks for your analysis. Now I begin to understand why kayfun 5 or squape x s can never be good mtl'ers, even when kits were out there. Thank you! BTW What happened to your seagulls, are they on vacation?

  16. The tube airflow under the coil is for the MTL. The DL air comes from around the tube and the posts. The square under the coil is for the DL.
    How come you didn't get that when you say that you test every tank and mod for several weeks.

  17. FYI, for my almost 6 year vape journey ive always been a MTL vapor, and i have almost all the MTL tanks in my collection. I use staggered fused claptons in them all at 0.8 as they all have big enough decks to use these slightly longer coils and they all suit my needs, and the taste is great. Currently on 12 nic. Must have my throat hit.
    Ill be adding this Fresia next, TY for another great MTL review Vic.

  18. I don’t know if you mentioned that the small tube intake is just for the DTL, the area around it is the MTL.
    The DTL and MTL tubes are separated. I’m sure u said the tube is wide enough for DTL
    But the air is not going up the tube on DTL mode that’s only letting air up though when u have the single pin size port open.(not the slit port)The space around tube is where the air hits the coil in DTL. Just saying. Have a look at the diagrams of the airflow for this tank. The tube is for MTL, and air can travel up around the tube and hit the coil. 2 separate air intakes and 2 separate passages for the air to travel and to then hit coil

  19. Cool looking RTA, good review as always; have you seen that new Ring Lord RDA by Hugsvape yet? I like the look of it so far

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