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Delicious Brains? Bubble Brains by HI-WAY E-LIQUID Review! VapingwithTwisted420


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  1. Definitely sweet either way you go…. Damn I want that Sense set up you have Twisted. I keep looking at that arrow kit and the screen tank looks classy lol.

  2. Do you have a dessert juice brand? Im scared to waste my money on bad juice. Vape wild wasnt too good and zamplebox is expensive to risk it. I dont spend more than $30 for 120ml. Any suggestions ?

  3. Been vaping for a year now, and finally finding some great juices. Like the one I'm rockin right now, air factory berry rush. Which tastes just like pez candy and it's so good

  4. So thankful for ur videos! They're the best! And the only thing that gets my mind off the dv situation I'm trying to get out of,…these flavors sound so yummy 😋!

  5. That same website sent me a bunch of shit to review as well, I’m actually vaping the bubble brains in my Serpent ATM 😂

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