Desire Mad Mod Starter Kit Review and Rundown | Advanced for its Time

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This is a (p)review of the Desire Mad Mod starter kit. The tank on the top of this thing looks super nice, and with the proper coil in it would function like a beast. The mod itself is very reminiscent of the original hana mod. Def a nice little pick up.

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  1. Jake Davies says

    Jai. I can't see the Mesh coil Readout.. lmao

  2. miguel coelho says

    You kill me man grait scratch lol

  3. bigballzcritic says

    I actually like the mix matched colors I think it looks pretty sick, sorta like a dark red hellcat one racing stripe with alloy wheels… pretty nice.. the design bringing back the Hana mod… but a lot cheaper.. to each their own… just a quick question though how much longer time do you get with the mod using an 21700 as apposed to using the 18650?

  4. DrippersnDroppers says

    I'm impressed that it does 8v on a single cell. That's a rare thing now days.

  5. DrippersnDroppers says

    I sell the shit out of the rage, still to this day. It's legit for what it is 👊

  6. Josh Harper says

    Lmao on the Mesh highlights!!!

  7. Mark Himself says

    I'm using the rage (white) w/ the drop dead -bloody mess colorway

  8. Lester Alexia says

    I want that mod, but not the tank..

  9. S y n r g ii says

    yo every time i walk into this one vapeshop in town, its mad quiet and kinda akward in there…i wonder if they are making videos in the back and IM the one inturrupting. oh no

  10. Joe E GT says

    I’m going to make a tank and call it herpes…

  11. Calicoe 313 says

    WTF do these companies keep bringing out “Starter kits” with 108w and sub ohm tanks it’s stupid I wonder why pod systems are really taken off cause this is not a mod for a starter it’s a cash grab at trash.

  12. Jake Ruder says

    Mines murdered out.. Mad kit in all black sexy af..

  13. Shiny Gal says

    All Desire products are over priced imo. Plus I don't care for the shape of this thing either. That MAD on the side is stupid.

  14. Richard Traylor says

    The original mesh coils we're very loud and took 2 or 3 tanks to break in. Regardless, it's junk.

  15. Anne R says

    I looked around and they're still trying to get $60+ for this kit, not worth it. Thanks Jai!

  16. dok nox says

    My shoes are blue-blackberry with creme. Lol

  17. jazzeeeec says

    I've always wondered, and it might be a stupid question, but is it possible for a coil to go moldy if it sits around long enough? Like say you have a subohm tank that you put aside and forgot about. Would it be ok to vape? Would mold or bacteria grow inside it? I just wonder if it's possible for growth in liquid that contains nicotine, and/or chemicals from some of the flavourings in ejuice.

  18. Deb Laing says

    Think outside the box! Gotta love Jersey sarcasm..😉

  19. Khalil Shariati says

    Jai, what music are you using? I love it!

  20. Beatles 4Ever says

    Black and Silver would be decent looking but they have to lose the branding on the side of the mod. It's ugly. The sub ohm tank design is pretty decent with the outer sleeve that goes over the glass but the rest of the design is much to be desired….no pun intended. Great review as always…but I'll pass.

  21. Joe Banks says

    They made a gta that is an awesome tank it was also called the mad dog

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