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Geekvape Aegis Mini Starter Kit Review and Rundown | Indestructible Built In LiPo


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This is a (p)review of the Geekvape Aegis Mini with the Cerberus sub ohm tank. I have this sitting at home with the tank and use it every night, but there is one problem. The battery life with 50W on the stock coil is not very good. They really could have made this so much better if it actually utilized a single cell. Its durable and it works.

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  1. Wow i Just saw this Mod and wanted to get some information about it. This Video is only 2 days old perfect😍 Just goooood

  2. Hi jai haze i hope you get this message i shouldve asked a while ago but have you ever done a review on the panzer mod by mcv?

  3. Whats up Jai! Hope you are good and hope you have a good thanksgiving. The front of the boxs says 80 watts! The 0 is flaming!

  4. 10:40 and 12:24 ….and you rank the tank at 6-6.5? Am I missing something?!? I realize that you are conservative with your rankings, but that tank/coil really seemed to blow you away

  5. Great job, Jai. On the internal battery at least for me, That doesn't bother me too awful much. I can see your point on the taking it outside and taking a chance on how long the battery lasts. I would think that at 2200mAh@ 40-50 watts, it should be decent on how long it would last, but you have a good point if they had put a 18650 instead, a person wouldn't have to worry any at all. Really a good job on that Tank it comes with and even the Looks of the Mod, Mesh Coils have taken over it seems. I haven't had the chance to try one, but from what other reviews I have seen, it seems that they do a Great job. Love your descriptions of the Scratch and Sniff's, as I start watching you get to that point, I have to laugh when you describe the flavor. Love your videos and reviews, Brother !!

  6. I have the original Aegis and the mod is fine but 26650 batteries have awful battery life. I also have the Legend and it’s great.

  7. Geekvape needs to come on and bring the duel 21700 aiges. U know its comming. Hell how bout a aiges squank..
    Good review jai

  8. I got the kit and i think it's a bad ass little kit i do wish it was a single 18650, but hey it was free. Geek vape makes a good coils i was so surprised with the flavor with the sub tank the air flow is perfect no turbulence, and the battery life is good also.

  9. 4:52
    You've done a review on the Cerberus before it was also included with the Geekvape Nova Kit
    (Edit: You called the Cerberus on the nova kit review mediocre and in this video you love it, LOL it grew on me too man I love my nova kit and Cerberus)

  10. just some fyi for u man i strap 4 and 5 cell 1500mah 100c lipos on my mini quad every day and they can take way more of a impact than u r giving them credit for… in my experience with all types of lipos…

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