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GQ E Liquid Review


This is our review of GQ Liquid. Overall these guys make some good juice. The last two we reviewed were very tasty and caviar is the best coffee liquid I have tried to date. Heres some links below to where you can get it.

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  1. all the GQ liquids I've bought have been 60/40 VG/PG so I would guess at that.

    Northern lights, Eclipse and Pearl are worth a shout.

  2. I don't know why on some videos people comment about Matt being rude to vee and shit.. I think they both get at each other lol it's funny to watch tbh. I love watching the juice reviews cuz they way u guys interact is priceless plus I'm finding out some good juices. "it just makes me think of fish eggs… I don't know" "yeah, read the description" "yes ma'am" lol. Makes me miss my ex gf a bit but then I realize she's crazy.

  3. You two will never get old to me! You are the perfect pair and Vee always has a new tune to sing!! lol Love it! Always great fun reviews that keep me interested in learning more!

  4. Fantastic review! You should show the bottles on each flavor all that hard work designing a label should be shown off! ;D

  5. hey +Suck My Mod can you do a review of the cool fire 1? i want to buy it but none of the other reviews show the true vapor it may put out.

  6. hey bro ive been doing alot of hunting around on good mods to get some clouds off of ive been vaping for about 5 months learned about batterys ohms resistance and all that and was just wondering if you had any suggestions on a good mod and addy to get that is decently priced? was thinking about the udt v-19 and the igo w7? any other suggestions?

  7. How about when you do juice reviews you use some coil builds in the Normal range, 1.3-1.8+
    Not everyone Sub-Ohms, actually most vapers don't Sub-Ohm.
    So all your juice reviews mean nothing to me (I don't Sub-Ohm).
    I understand the use of a dripper to do your reviews but how does it taste with a tank atomizer with a Normal resistance coil.

    Oh always have Vapin V in the video. She is the Sexy one not you Matt.

  8. I love there stuff my 2 favs are High Roller and Sin City I found them at local fav shop here in Seattle called I-Vape they carry the whole line.

  9. That was so much fun I'm not sure what you reviewed. Vaperconwest will be a blast and hope to see you two there. And Matt I got that  "Big Fogger V4" And love it.

  10. Matt, I don't think I can see myself calling you "mips", but I may start referring to you as "". It just seems so appropriate. I laughed my ass off when I saw Todd's new shirt. I watched the vlog just to see the shirt but he was wearing a shirt with Nick's face on it the whole time. Vanessa I hope the exams went well. You two both rock.

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