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Griffin 25mm RTA by GeekVape, Review & Alien Clapton Coil Build Tutorial


I LOVE this RTA. I think it’s a nice improvement from the Griffin 22mm. I wanted to see how well this would work with crazy coils so I installed Alien Claptons.

Links for the Griffin 25mm:
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Link for the Alien Clapton coils:

COUPON CODE: ZOPHIE (at checkout, get’s you 2 free Fused Clapton .5 ohm coils.

Music in Video:
Artist, Broke For Free
Track, Calm the Fuck Down
Album, Slam Funk

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  1. I have a question. I don't understand the "strumming" of the coils and how that does anything. Ive seen you and many other people on YouTube do that and you are the only one so far to attempt an explanation of this technique. Ive been building micro coils from kanthal for years, and am moving into bigger decks and trying to learn all the new stuff.

  2. Just got one on a closeout from a local shop for far less than I could get it online. First time wrapping coils ( done using a jeweler's screwdriver without a coil jig totally by hand. Came out at precisely 0.25 Ohms and heated evenly immediately ( Attention to detail folks ). No leaking due to the way I did the cotton. airflow is very nice flavor nice and it does chuck some clouds. Running at 60 watts on a Cuboid that is updated to 200 watts through firmware ( probably bursting to get that from two batteries.). Smokes perfectly with just a minimal spitting. I probably flooded it during the build. The hardest part is getting the ring back on after building and wicking.

  3. Sophia, just curious since I'm 64 years old, how did you learn all of the vaping details that you know? You are the greatest !!

  4. Thank you so much for an honest, quality review from the builders angle! Everything from the deck review to the coil install is on point! You are awesome zophie please keep the reviews coming! Super grateful from Philly!

  5. "Alien Clapton Coil Build Tutorial" in the name and then you do nothing but unpack and install pre-made coils? the audacity…

  6. Running it at 25w ? I don't think so !! I have near as this the same build on a dna200 running perfectly at 80-90w. 25w doesn't even heat the coils.

  7. What diameter did you use for the coils? I have the griffin RTA too and with ss316L 3mm diameter I just cannot get it to not dry hit

  8. If you grip each side on that ring and tighten it down real good it won't loosen and stops being a pain. They made it removable because some people like to remove it. I removed it on the chuthulu mod that was out before the griffin which was very similar.

  9. not the best review, mainly because you missed out on allot of things in your review. and your build feels to risky for anyone to copy. please work on that

  10. I've never heard of 'not dry firing" coils…unless it's nickel. N80, SS, Kanthal you have to…..don't you? I've been vaping for 3 years and couldn't imagine not dry burning my coils. I've never (unless it was a spaced coil build) had a dual build fire even without tweeking them?

  11. Zophie, I am having serious leaking issue from the bottom airflow. I checked to be sure every thing is seated correctly and that all checks out. I am placing the cotton very close to the bottom of the 4 juice slots. Also, I am fused Clapton coils that i build to about .30 to .35 ohms. (32 gage over 26 gage Kanthal)
    Do you have any suggestions to stop my leaking issue? Thank you advance

  12. Hello everybody! Please tell me the glass from Griffin 25 can be installed on Griffin 25 plus ….. Dimensions are the same or not?

  13. I also have griffin 25 and I've installed dual alien clapton (kanthal a1) reads at 0.1Ohm. Is it ok, that the deck gets very hot as well? As in, should it, and can it cause damage to the tank/mod? Using Wismec rx200s. >_>

  14. could anyone offer opinions griffin like this or the tfv4rta because I need something with a big build deck coz I like using notch coils on tem control but they are large coils also I'm in scotland and some of the tanks I see are American

  15. Uhm ya.. You're hot. Anyways, nice build – I just got mine today.. Dual clapton build, first time building and it wasn't that difficult. Im reading 0.19 ohms and vaping at 60 watts from my Cuboid 200. Subscribed as well.

  16. Zophie .. can u add me pls in fb .. thx..i love ur videos 🙂
    one question .. about in cloudchase .. the smaller guide in building coils the better cloud? .. thx zophie! 🙂

  17. Just ordered the 25mm Black with top airflow for 27.01$ including shipping. It was too good of a deal to pass up. I am hoping it arrives by Friday!

  18. Just finished by first dual coil build with a Griffin 25. Everything worked perfectly! Final results, 0.2 ohms, tons of vapor and good flavor. I must say it is pretty fulfilling to create your own stuff. Thanks for the video. It helped a lot.

    BTW, fark the FDA!

  19. I just got this tank on Friday. I had the old one too but never got to use it cause the one of the screw was already stripped and my friend and I tried everything to get it off and we couldn't. I am loving this tank though. I only running normal duel coil. I do have my cotton going down a little more and never get a dry hit. I've also notice I can open and close the juice flow hole and hit it it getting a nice vape. Obviously I only take a few hits closed wouldn't want to dry out the cotton too much but it's an awesome tank. I'm gonna put in claptons nice which is my favorite. I hate that little ring too. Not big on alien wire though. PhillyVapes for those in philly have 3 more left. I got my for 45

  20. Hi @zophie vape I love your videos you r awesome. I am new to vaping & need a little help if u may, I have the griffin 22mm & Cupoid mod, if I fire more than 2 or 3 sec the tip gets hot & almost burns my lips! I know this must not be normal, the problem I don't even know what temp & wattage I should use. Can u help me here just to know what might be the issue? Plz

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