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How to Build a Stitched Exo Alien Coil


To best understand the Exo Alien Coil, one must have an understanding of the Alien Coil. An Alien Coil is made by first creating a clapton, de-coring the clapton, and then re-claptoning the wire onto a multi core wire (three strands for example), wrapping the opposite way to create a unique wavy patterned wire. A Stitched Alien Coil is made when you add a wire through the de-cored clapton before stretching it out and re-claptoning onto the new multi core wire.

An Exo Alien or a Stitched Exo Alien is made in much the same way, except that instead of using wire and multi core wire for the original clapton core and the subsequent Alien Wire cores, only screw drivers or drill bits are used.

Link to RDA per request (this is The Aeronaut – I’ve made a FEW videos on this one at this point)

Aeronaut Vapes


Link to the Magnifiers per request

Alien Coil Original Concept

Exo Alien Concept


00:00 – 00:17 | Intro
00:18 – 00:56 | Tools
00:57 – 02:35 | Concept Introduction
02:36 – 09:20 | Fused Clapton (for the Stitch)
09:20 – 13:00 | Original Clapton Around 1.4 mm Bit
13:01 – 14:12 | Creating the Stitched Exo Alien Wire
14:13 – 19:16 | Wrapping the Exo Alien Coil 3 mm Bit
19:17 – 23:15 | Mounting the Exo Alien Coil in the Aeronaut RDA
23:16 – 23:43 | Obligatory Glow Shots
23:44 – 25:01 | Wicking, Juicing, Etc.
25:02 – 27:55 | Vaping, Discussion, and Wrap Up

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  1. Wasted so much time and wire but they never come out of the dam chuck evenly when wrapping them together. Then if they do come out sorta evenly it's gets out of wack when I mount it so it looks like shit. Wish you'd do some close ups on the chuck inserts because that's the vital part

  2. Wire anti-snap tip: Wire coat hanger.
        I use the top hanging loop and continue the bend until I get about a .25in diameter loop. Trim the loop till its somewhat flush to the "stem". Cut to have a 1 inch or less single wire stem from the loop for the drill chuck, (if coated, strip off around loop at a minimum). I seat it in the chuck and bend/adjust the loop stem so that when the drill spins the loop is centered. A slight mod I did was to put a flat at the tip of the loop to make triple cores if necessary. Either mod try to keep the wire smooth where you attach your coil wire so there is no "cutting edges" to snap your wire. No need to wrap the loop end around the stem as it is thick enough not to bend out. I twist a single, double, triple loop, depending on how thin the wire size is, first and then put in on the loop and then into the chuck. I have also done it with a binder clip using the wire on one side of the clip but have found it is easier, more malleable, to use a coat hanger. Figured why use a clip swivel loop at one end and not an anchored one on the other? Solved more than snapping but the anchoring is easier as well.

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