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How to Mix E Liquid


Check out the Make My Vape guide to mixing your own e-liquid. To buy your eliquid supplies, recipes, guides and articles check out


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  1. Me mixing e-liquid for the first time:
    no gloves
    not measuring anything
    drinking rum at the same time
    Liquid turned out to be great anyway so no regrets

  2. the last step is shake it. If i do all of that the shake shake and the push and pull. I can use the juice right after i do it? Pls reply. Thank you!!

  3. I don't get why he's using a lab coat like that. Makes him look kinda douchey. Great video tho…oh and he looks like Ramsay Bolton

  4. I have a question sir, what if i have a mix VG and PG (70/30) a total of 1liter. How many ml's of flavor concentrate do i have to put in my VG and PG mix. Thanks for the answer in advance 🙂

  5. hi.. I've tried to do my own e juice and the taste was good at first and when several time ( tank atomizer) the taste become weird , i doit all exactly like what i seen on internet PG, VG, Ethyl Matol, Nicotine and flavor… I'm confuse is it because of the flavor concentrate or steeping.. i did shake after mixing, and i did try not shaking the liquid after mixing, open cap on the dark place, close the cap and i also did try cook ( low heat) the flavor.. can u please share with me exactly how to make an ejuice step by step..

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