How To Refill CBD Vape Oil Cartridge by

This video demonstrates how to fill an oil based cartridge for your CBD vaporizer, which works for the [HempVap, Bud Touch, V-Stick, E-Mist, O.Pen, E-Cig, etc]. You can’t inhale this healthy cannabidiol without the cartridge being full with CBD Vape Oil.

The products used in the demonstration are the Electronic Vaporizer Pen and Tasty Hemp Oil CBD Vape Oil in Black and Blue flavor, as well as the rest of our incredible CBD E Liquid lineup, can be found here:
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Vaporizers offer a handy and portable way to enjoy your Cannabidiol (CBD) during a busy day. Many people like to spread their CBD dosage throughout the day and maintain the great benefits of CBD for as long as possible.

There are many ways to take CBD, but vaporizers are one of the most convenient methods since they help you enjoy CBD’s benefits with no hassle, even when away from home.



  1. SynKronus themagus says

    ive seen different tutorials. should the blue stopper be removed during use ?

  2. #Detailintheshadow says

    Nice, didn't know it was that easy

  3. Val says

    I have the same vape pen. So do u inhale until the red light starts to blink?

  4. Narcissus says

    How do you know when the battery is fully charged?

  5. Marc Gonzalez says

    anyone know how many times one of these can be reused?

  6. lxH8xURxFACE says

    does cbd get you high? is it legal?

  7. Joe ghost says

    im trying to figure out how to make medical oil.anyone know what kind of oil is mixed with the herb?

  8. Natalie Ford says

    Does anyone know where I can buy an Easy Refill Bottle as described in this video? My Kanavape did not come with one.

  9. ciscoallah says

    good video.. what it the measurement of the refill bottles?.. grams/ ounces. and how much does it usually take to completely fill one from empty to full?.. thanks

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