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HOW TO VAPE! Vape Tutorial! Beginners Guide To Vaping! Inhale/Exhale Vape Techniques!


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  1. People dissing non-smokers about vaping. Would you diss a non-smoker for trying a shisha pipe with flavoured tobacco? (albeit usually shared with a group of friends but same point and way more harmful)

  2. Hey RiP Trippers, what is the best pod system for quit smoking cigarettes?, what pod system is similar to cigarettes?

  3. Good day sir i know its off the topic but i wanted to learn from you about building on my tube mod i have an extension i use 2 sony vtc4s. My current build is a 28 gauge fused clapton 9 loops 3 mm dual coil build and i wanted to know more about building proper and safest builds i have with my tube mod i’m new to vaping mech mods. I have a variable mod before. Some tips on making builds for my tube mod thanks a bunch.

  4. wouldn't be a real drag if they shortly find out that something happens to people from vaping thats is much worse than cigarettes. Ii have a vape that doesn't use oils at all. it's only the dry original of what your vape and in a dries leaf or flower. also no, no metel the air and product hears to a full top of linemmceramic only thing that can come close to diamond hardness. . that would be a perfect vepe and what i do at hone. they triedto make portable by sigelie , they never worked well enough . and don,t hear from it any more. i think i will look it up. i still use my many year old desk top vapoizer, america, lifetime warrantee. when opened i i noticed in the corner a indent, i knew it was dropped. and it was sent anyway , It did work for a few hours to a day and would not work. Called them and told me to send back they sent back the same peice with that indent in corner, never would have notice if i wasn't a perfectionist but they at least fixed and it been many years and its fine. If i would have mentioned that their is an indent n the corner especially when it stopped working i would have mentioned the detend and asked for a new one , but it sil after all the years working

  5. Hello i want to buy a vape but I don’t want nicotine has anyone ever tried any juice with less than 1% does it taste different?

  6. Why does the nicotine warning come on when you're using the mod but not the stick too? makes me think there's no nicotine with the sticks now.

  7. What about when I see people blow vape through the air flow vents before doing a lung hit. I tried it and seemed to make the flavor come out more.

  8. S.3319 will kill vaping. Time to speak on Advocacy. Your livelihood is at stake here, and if the guy with 1.1 million followers spoke about it, it might just possibly have a major impact

  9. Reading YouTube comments is depressing. There are a surprising number of haters in the world desperate to establish relevance through unnecessary conflict.

  10. I would love to see you do a review on the Clouper GT (gen 1)it’s an old mod but I still use one and I’ve liked it. It’s an 80 watt box two batteries. I wanted to get your opinion on it. Online you can get one (without batteries or tank) for around 15-20$ I used to run the Atlantis gen 2 but I now run the crown gen 1.

  11. I don’t care about the drama around RIP Trippers, This guy, helped me quit smoking after 15 years. Thank you RIP I know you’re a good person. Keep it up.

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