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Hugo Vapor Ranger mod review. Just LOOK AT IT!


So yeah, aside from the obvious of the appearance of this mod. . .there’s definitely some sort of issue in regards to the chip reading the batteries properly and that alone leaves me having MAJOR trust issues with this mod. I consider this one a true “BUYER BEWARE” mod.

This product was requested by quite a few subscribers and that request was facilitated by Element Vape by sending it for the purpose of this review. Big thanks must go to them for their continued support. No, that support doesn’t change my opinion, but that’s the point of it all in the end. So, let’s dig in to the Asmodus & Alex VapersMD Dawg rta! To check out this product or a great many others, go to:

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  1. Hey Jared, do you know of a site that ships international and carries that gun metal ranger? I can't find it anywhere, only black and red ones.

  2. Good review Jared! Idk about this one. I think Hugo Vapor needs to stick to stuff like the squeezer…s**t, maybe a dual parallel mech squonk…just a thought. Anywayz, I finally got the camo Squeezer mod tho…straight 🔥🔥🔥!!! Keep up the good work n congratz, again, on surpassing 3k!

  3. If the 1980's made a mod, it would look like the Hugo Vapor Ranger Mod. That mod has a bad chip. Seriously. If other reviewers are not having problems you are, then it is probably a bad chip. Some people thing that chips either work or they don't. As a software developer, I can tell you that chips can have issues that affect some functions and not others. You got a defective device. Anyway, I enjoyed the review, and will definitely give that ugly beast a pass. Keep up the good work, Jared!

  4. i had this mod i mind for the screen due to my poor eye sight , but for discharging unbalanced issue i prefer not , i had such issue with one of my mods that killed 2 sets of batteries , one battery was discharged down to 2.9v showing it as 3.2v while the other one was 3.6 i guess . now i see you posted an update , will check it .

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