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I Am LOVING This Vape! The NABOO Kit By Smoant!


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  1. Received mine today. This kit is awesome. Everything I love but maybe they will upgrade the firmware for a puff counter. I'm just starting out and this would be an awesome feature. He's right about the coil breakin but this mod and tank ROCKS! Them you for this awesome review!

  2. I like finishes like the pharaoh mini or the creed … make a mod with that finish = okay spanking dokie sick as you know what 🤯

  3. Can anyone help on my ijoy solo v2 there is an issue where it says no atomizer but I have an atomizer on help please

  4. Wait now he's adding the dumb 'this vape electronics piece contains nicotine' thing that EU enforces too? Jeez.

  5. You ever think about doing reviews of vape pens and atomizers for the medical marijuana patients? I appreciate your attention to detail. I don’t even vape but I been watching your videos haha

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