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Immortal Mods After Life RDA Review and Rundown | Mountain Vapors, Ryan Hall Project


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This is a (p)review of the Immortal Modz After Life RDA. I was expecting much more than what I got out of this RDA. The posts are different but the top cap and barrel of this thing is just miserable. The finish is poor, the machining isnt good. It really boils down to Ryan Hall’s shop making these with Immortal Modz which I feel the community despises this company.

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  1. Here what I see… not well though out. Weird post design thinking it will be a cloud chaser. Airflow is terrible, it’s ugly, and loud… whistle… wow! Then what I have seen them review, they use crap devices and expect a high end reviewer and one that makes true innovative high end stuff to give it a good review… then the one that designed it got zero credit for the design in the dripper or box! Bad business!

  2. Speaking objectively I feel like this dripper has potential to be actually pretty damn good if they revamp the barrel and top cap in a v1.5 or v2, on a personal note, I enjoy Ryan’s videos ( for the entertainment, not as a serious vape reviewer, which he has never claimed to be) so I have to admit to some bias when I say some parts of this review felt personal towards Ryan and Josh, some downright uncalled for, then again, Jai’s style of reviewing does include a fair share of roasting, I almost see him as the Jeff Ross of vaping 🤣

  3. Seems like you definitely went way out of your way to talk trash. The mountain vapors crew, in my opinion, have the best vape channel on YouTube.

  4. You’re more of a heckler than a reviewer, man. You’re also kind of a dick when it comes down to it. While I will admit that I’m biased and a huge fan of mountain vapors, you really ripped this thing apart and started reaching for ways to make it look like shit. Also saying that people ragged on it and failed to cite any sources or individuals themselves is a weak argument to say the least.

  5. i also bought this when it first came out (in black too! LOL) and i gotta say its pretty durable as far as how much abuse i have put it thru, but i have noticed the cons outweigh the pros by far, you defly are being kind in this video, seeing as you didnt mention the whistling problem it almost always has, the squonking on it kinda sucks and it leaks easy, the posts are more of a hassle and waste of space since usually at least half of the holes arent even being used, and the airflow is way too restricted for the cloud monster its trying to be. it reminds me, personality-wise, of the poser skater kids in highschool. i kno im weird too lol

  6. I acually like the silver inlay on the barrel. I think it's acually not a bad design. My opinion you are just focusing on immortal mods stuff and the negatives of the rda. Just my opinion

  7. Knowing that this rda was made by immortal mods/armageddon, why would you buy it to review? I know of Ryan and Mountain Vapors, but I have watched every single review you have done. I hate to say it but it really seems like you bought it for the sole purpose of tearing it apart. You said its the first product from the company you have reviewed since the bullshit. Why this one? Im curious why you would even give this rda, the designer, or the company any unsolicited attention at all. I watch your reviews for your honosty, but keep it real Jai… You didnt really buy this rda with the intention of giving it a fair review.

  8. Jai Haze you're a Cunt and no not the useful type but one that is always having that time of the month. Ryan Hall is more of a man than you can ever wish to be and he accomplished more in his short life than you can ever dream of. You say something bad about Ryan his staff or Mountain Vapers you are stepping on a lot of toes. You especially went to buy the thing knowing you going to give it a bad review. I Kept It Real Did You?

  9. U are a nit picky asshole I can't stand u or ur stupid annoying laugh that is a great rda u just mad cuz u don't have ur own rda

  10. On the subject of flat head screws, I can't stand flat heads on a deck that basically requires you to remove at least one screw entirely, the flave is a good example of a good rda let down by this design.

    Flat head grub screws, on the other hand, I honestly have no problem with. Why? Because there is literally no reason you would need to remove them. Unscrew it until the post hole is open, and boom, you're done. It's a non issue.

  11. That rda looks mad🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  12. I was doing something else across the room while I just let this video play and all I heard was "Its shaped like a fucking mushroom, you'll see when I pull it out"

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