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Innokin Proton Plex Kit Review – Awesome Vape!


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  1. Just came across your channel and been watching a few of your videos. I like your demeanor. Your videos are awesome to chill to and watch. Subbed

  2. I know someone at work that has one of these and he dropped the mod as well and the battery tops got dimpled to where he was having the same issue you are having. It is a shame as the UI for the mode is one of the best, but for me damaging the battery is a deal breaker. Thanks for the review.

  3. i love my proton. bought an aegis for work since i work with a lot of fine dust particles… doesnt compare.

  4. Id imagine those screws have lossened over time and wear and tear. If i were u id tighter everything u may relieve some of the rattling amd looseness

  5. You will burn your mouth and lungs at 235 a buddy of mine though he was funny cranked it all the way up and burned his lips and popped the coils needless to say he won't do that anymore lol

  6. Love your reviews. Always well done. I just ordered another mod today. The vapor storm puma. Because I love the look. But now seeing this I’m wishing I had seen this a day ago. But no regrets.

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