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Is The Ultem Lost Vape Drone DNA250c Real Ultem? – Mike Vapes


In this review i show the new updated Drone DNA250c by Lost Vape.

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  1. I have the original drone and it's the only mod i've used at home for over a year. It's good to see LV re-releasing a dual-battery squonker, but i'm a bit disappointed there's no improvements and yet the price is a lot more. I don't see any benefits to get this if you have the original, I still wonder how many ppl vape at 100+ watts. I rarely go above 70 on a 0.12 build (SS)

    But if you don't have the original, I would say LV make really good mods and if you want to squonk dual builds, it will be very good. A good pro is the squonk compartment can fit many different bottles, and due to size of mod, you can fit non-propriety, high capacity bottles.

  2. Making this out of pc is gonna cause some problems with any citrus juice, we all know what citrus flavours does to pc tanks, it's a real shame that it's not real ultem, it's really put me off buying it, and I loved the original 🙁

  3. Good one, Mike. The amber ultem is attractive…IMO. I would want to hold one to see if it is convenient to squonk for a left-handed vaper. That can be a hassle  if not compatible with one's squonk style.

  4. Anyone who hates ultem probably loves paint splatter all over everything xD I love ultem looks classy. Like the hammer of God the Lyra 200. I guess I just like the color though, love that timberland honey color. But besides they have a hard time keeping any of these in stock. Pretty sure someone like me can admire ultem or PEI ultem u1000 whatever it's called. Peace y'all ✌

  5. Hello Mike,
    Thank you for the review. I loved it.
    Please can you answer this:
    Can you set a preheat delay with the DNA chip sets?
    With the Arctic Fox firmware on my Wismec RX300 and Sineous228 I can set a Preheat delay. This means when I let go of the fire button, there is a eg. 10sec pause for the preheat function to become active again. IMO this is extremely useful if I use 'fancy' clapton coils which are slow to react and I 'chain' vape. This way if I am pressing the fire button again within 10sec there is no preheat. Can the DNA do that?

  6. Why couldn't they make it durable like the first one dam I still preordered just because I missed out on the original.No 11ml bottle way lighter now with color ultem was this an upgrade or just bait to see how many people will come back to what was so heavily missed.

  7. Mikeus: original drone that I have has same door issue. It is not worth 250 IMO. Especially with the door problem not being fixed. I do like it, but it is a desktop Mod, or longer road trip mod. Thanks, good review!

  8. I think they were trying to deceive people in beginning. Y put amber ultem? Amber is a color amber ultem is not. So just put amber right? Unless u want som1 to believe its ultem. Idk kinda strange.

  9. i thought it was fucking perfect – till you showed us that crappy, flimsy plastic door! i wonder if the retail ones'll be like that, all loose & shit… thanks for the advice & excellent review mikevapes!

  10. I really don’t like the look of ultem but I love how the original stainless steel drone looks. Thanks for the awesome review mike!

  11. Hey Mike, No I am not into Ultem, have never liked the way it looks for some reason (actually that looks like the model cars I use to assemble as a young boy), so in my eyes that is looks Cheap. I would rather have a Black or a 2 tone of something silver looking. You ROCK, Brother. I love watching your videos !! You are truly a "Legend" to me. Take care, my Friend. Holler out from Kentucky, lol.

  12. Mike, I have the same door problem on my Triad and found it to be caused by the battery strap. There isn't enough case to battery clearance if the strap lies over the battery. Try tucking it in and see if the fit is better.

  13. Mike I own several ultem mods and you are right to polish a ultem mod costs big bucks. Love this mod as I loved the first Drone.

  14. Love the polished translucent gold plastic, whether it is ultem or polycabonate – both are plastics, but with sightly different properties, the most significant in the vaping context being that Ultem (or more generically, PEI) has a much higher melting point.
    Both are very strong, but I've never heard of PEI being used as a material for making crash helmets, as polycarbonate certainly has been, and is still used for bullet-proof windows, aircraft windshields, light lenses, and helmet visors. A common trademarked brand of transparent polycarbonate is Lexan. Of course, PEI is only available in amber and black (the black isn't quite as strong though) whereas PC can be just about any colour imaginable, or even none. Only precaution is to not leave it in the sun, as polycarbonate is degraded by ultraviolet light, and it will get a crazed internal cracked look, and become very brittle.
    Given the difference in cost though, I'd expect a PC mod to be considerably less expensive than a PEI one, and when you consider that competing 2×18650 squonk mods that can handle a 30mm atty can be had for under $100, there is no way that the use of a DNA250C is worth the extra. I'd value it at around $150, as at $200 I could buy two of it's competitor and some spare bottles!

  15. Mike, just watched again. I like it a lot!! Happy with the plastic! But not happy about price! I just seen the vapecige vtx250c dual 18650 squonk.. $118!!! Cant wait 4 ur review on it!!

  16. Thanks for the review Mike.

    I've got the V1 Drone, really good mod, no complains.

    But 250$ for this one made mostly of PC is outrageous to me compare to V1.

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