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Jam Monster & Loaded eLiquid Review & Giveaway – VapnFagan


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Grape Jam Monster

Loaded Cookie Butter

Loaded Strawberry Jelly Donut

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Twisted Messes TM30


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Know the resistance of your coil!
Know the voltage of your battery!!
Use a OHMS law calculator and a ohm meter!!

An awesome tool for helping you build coils

All reviews are my opinions only. Please watch more then one review on a product before you make your final decision.


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  1. Awe I love Cookie Butter! Its like Traders Joe Belgium Cookie Butter, and its dead on to this. I think the description is off on vapesociety! Which is a shame for vapers that hate cinnamon.

  2. I hope all of fagans videos with her arent like this because I wouldnt even do it with all the unneeded bitching and complaining.

  3. I've watched a few juice reviews and I dont wanna sound like an sjw or something but.. the way he freaks out and corrects her all the time makes me uncomfortable and I haven't been able to finish a video bc he keeps telling and it makes me hella anxious lmao

  4. Couldn't get through the first 5 min, you don't have to micro manage everything your wife does or says, constant stopping of the video so you can complain about meaningless bullshit is super annoying, just review the juice dude.

  5. Everyone thinks cookie butter is a peanut butter flavor. It isn't. Cookie butter is a belgian cookie which has cinnamon, brown sugar, and cookie. Funny, I have actually heard reviewers say how they love the peanut butter taste this juice has. At least you two actually taste the juice. Great review!!!

  6. Let her finish it her way, she did good, this is video for review not CNN news you make her looks like reporter memorizing those scripts 😱😂

  7. Loaded cookie butter SUCKS! The flavor is ok for the first few hits then it becomes flavorless and it leaves a horrible after taste. I'm throwing the rest of my bottle away. it looks and tastes cheap.

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