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Jugg Righteous Fire Build, mechanics explained. Build remains the same for 3.5(Still no nerf)


NOTE: I made a mistake in the video when talking about the Essence of Hysteria/Horror. They should be the opposite of what I said in the video. Thank you to commenters that let me know.
3.5 o_O still no nerf? lol
3.4 change-
You don’t have to feel bad for not using brightbeak anyways :O.

3.3 Update: It’s even stronger in 3.3 LOL. Corrupting a 20/20 Vaal RF will be beneficial now, this is just another damage boost without having to sacrifice anything.

Path of Building: (Should be up to date for 3.3 or 3.4, Removed Beastiary items from it)

Change Log from [3.2] Berserker Righteous Fire/Things I learnt.
Tested a lot of different ring setups, Kaom’s Way x2 is by far the best still.
(During lower levels, you can use Pyre just for damage if you don’t have cold damage in shield charge. That way it won’t mess up Elemental Equilibrium.)

Elder belt with the roll of “% Increased Life Recovery Rate” is very good and should be something to look for as an endgame option.

Saffel’s Frame is also viable, especially for Uber Elder(You can run Purity of Ice too.)

Level with Sunder Skill-
Sunder – Melee Physical Damage – Multistrike – Conc Effect- Ruthless – Damage on Full Life

The most ideal point to switch over to RF would be right after getting Rise of Phoenix.
If you already have some gear, getting Kaom’s way x2 early can really help as well.
Also need to make sure Purity of Fire is at a decent level at that point.

Important points, Summarized below:

2 Skill points.

After switching to RF(Preferably after you get Rise phoenix, but Saffell’s Frame works too. Either way you need a high level Purity of Fire)

Path of Building:
Level 100:

Level 90:

Level 80:

Level 70:

Level 60:

Soul of Akakaali or Soul of Solaris.

For Minor, there are multiple choices. Soul of Tukohama, Abberath, Shakari, are all solid choices.

2: Unbreakable
4: Unflinching
6: Unrelenting
8: Undeniable- or others. This one is hotly contested, but I believe it can be flexible. If you would like the extra aoe and damage boost, then Unyielding is great. If you are considering an option other than Kaom’s Roots, then Unstoppable is good. If you would like more consistent fortify and Elemental Overload, Undeniable is great. (it also provides some small damage bonus as well)

Gear to aim for:
Doryani’s Catalyst


Rise of the Phoenix
Saffell’s Frame

Kaom’s Heart
High Life chest (Grab a rare chest with 150 life or something)

Kaom’s Roots
High Life Boots (If you go stun immune nodes, don’t need Kaom’s Roots at all)

Necklace and Rings:
Xoph’s Heart(Covered in Ash is a big DPS boost) or Marble amulet
Kaom’s Way x 2 (Once you have Endurance Nodes)
Opal Ring or Any super high Life ring if you can’t afford Kaom’s way or want to squeeze out dps.

Have either + cold damage to atk or + lightning damage to atk. (NOT FIRE)
This will allow Shield charge to trigger elemental equilibrium that leaves enemy weak to Fire.
In summary, when you hover over Shield Charge. It should show that it does physical damage, and either cold, or lightning damage.
Leather Belt with high life roll.

Links (In order of importance):

Helm/Glove: The one with essence craft.)
4L: Righteous Fire- Elemental Focus- Burning Damage- Conc Effect/Inc Effect
(This should be socketed into Helm with Essence of Horror or Gloves with Essence of Delirium)

Other 4L slot:
4L: Shield Charge- Fortify- Faster ATK- Increase crit chance.

Kaom’s Way x 2 (Put Purity of Fire somewhere else, at level 20)

2L+ 1 Socket: Enduring Cry in the socket. Scorching Ray+Spell Totem in 2L, or Flexible Choice.
3L: Purity of Fire- Vitality- Enlighten

Witchfire Brew
Ruby Flask
Basalt Flask
Sulphur Flask
Quicksilver/Granite Flask

Anti Bleed, Anti Shock, Anti Curse/Poison

We don’t need anti freeze at all endgame btw, Jugg node or Kaom’s Root takes care of those. (Thx kalemake for the reminder)

Unique Priority-
Rise of Phoenix
Kaom’s Roots
Witchfire Brew
Kaom’s Heart
Doryani’s Catalyst
Xoph’s Heart

Maximizing the potential-
One thing I would highly recommend is the Watcher’s Eye jewel. It can roll “% increased Life Recovery Rate while affected by Vitality”.
Or Elder Based Belt that rolls % recovery rate.

With the introduction of Shaper/Elder bases, it’s possible for us to maximize the dps even higher.
With a high Item level Elder base: for example, it’s possible to roll Supported by Burning Damage/Supported by Concentrated Effect. If we roll Essence of Horror with one of those two mods, we can free up one of the link. In this case, we can socket in an Efficacy gem as the extra link, increasing our dps by 20%-ish, way more effective than the Enchant.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask 🙂 Cheers.


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  1. Wouldn't deaths doors crusader boots be a better option ? That extra endurance charge, immunity to bleed and strength and armour are always good stats compared to the kaom it also comes socketed as well

  2. thanks for this video man
    had real problems putting together the build cause im quite the newbie but this video helps me alot
    so yea thanks and good video 😀

  3. Hi there, great build very very tanky wondering tho how did you get the mods on your helm, I get you used essence of horror but how the conc effect included? Hope you can reply 🙂

  4. i know its been said in previous comments the time you take explaining each node and decision is impressive. keep making this kind of guide. SUB and LIKE.

  5. Excellent video I'm using as a guide is my first time using RF so far pretty good lvl 76. One question: which maps are recommended to farm with this build? and what is the "key" for farming Uber Lab? Is it normal to take a long time to kill big bosses?

  6. Ok, so you said you easily earned enough money with this build to buy everything you need for it. How did you do that ? Because so far I have earned way less than with a MF build and not that much in general. So what do you farm / do with this build to generate more currency ?

  7. Why not Unyielding with Uber lab?
    Also, you can get rid of 2 small life nodes and go for Constitution.
    You could also use the Divination Distillate for +4% max res and some rarity

  8. Hey @Thatyiguy! Awsome build, one of the RFs that I most enjoyed and currently playing HC Beastiary with it. Pretty solid and fun to play. While in end game i managed to snacth most of the itens you advise to min/max and ended up with a few questions. Maybe you can elighten me towards if im doing something wrong.

    – My regen with Vitality aura and stone golem and 9 endurance charges is about 1.7k/sec and im wondering if isnt that low? I can easily sustain RF but whenever i take a hit my life slowly gathers up. (I do not have Watcher's eye with Vit regen since the cheapest one is 60ex in HC hehe; also im using a sytgian belt for the abyss socket since i dont have any other piece of gear to add lightning or cold dmg to attacks so EO can proc).

    -When using kaom roots, my cold and lightning resistances are around 66% with 9 endurance charges. Is it supposed to be like that or am I missing something? My belt alone gives 45% each res. For a speed clear of low maps, ive been using movespeed boots with 90~life and a good cold a lightning res to cap out at 115+ each.7

    -Regarding the endurance charges sustain, isnt the RF itself supposed to generate endurance charges? I only seem to gain charges when hit by mobs. The idea i had is that we would be able to generate them from our on degen or something.

    -How do i trigger the Akakaali 50% increased regen? Do i have to use blood lust or is it possible only using RF?

    Char name: AbakxiChora

    Thanks a lot for your guide and attention man! Really well made and solid!

  9. I'm brand new to poe and this build looked really funny but I didn't really understand how to make it work. You went through and covered everything very clearly. Thank you!

  10. Hi thanks for the great build guide. I'm new to PoE and this was my first build..really enjoying it. Quick newb question…I noticed that there aren't many resists on the end-game gear you recommend, but I keep reading you want resists capped. Is that because your resists are coming from endurance charges?

  11. I've been trying to get my RF running. he's lvl 70 now but i cant switch out a couple of my items, because i lack the regen apparently..
    I picked up every regen node i came across and went pretty much the path shown in the video.. got over 80 fire res (have to check exact amounts). I cant progress if i cant upgrade my gear, but i cant figure out why i cant beat the degen.. :'(

  12. It's really annoying to watch a video about a build somebody is making and the description and video itself never mention quickly that it's for HC/SC or SSF.

  13. hey thatyiguy just started you're build and 1 question I have with the inflation of prices how realistic is it for new players like me being able to get the gear you have in pob, a;so is there a reason why you haven't put points into arsonist, thnx in advance , and keep up the good work

  14. In my opinion you should create a final version of the build with alternatives to items. Marbles/Opals are freaking expensive (for example a shaper's seed or bloodgrip amulet should be good until someone can afford a neck), Essences are expensive as well. I'm struggling to find rare items with somewhat proper stats and close to what it should like. Otherwise I'm almost there with the RF and hopefully everything goes good.

    Also, you have changed a bit the gem links (and spells also) for the finished( pastebin. Does it make a big difference from the first one that you had made or this is specifcally because of elder/shaper?

  15. Hi! Thank you very much for this detailed build guide! Playing it in HC, just reached lvl 71 and maps. The essences for helmet or gloves are very expensive… Cannot afford them atm. What would you suggest instead for the 5th socket (RF), I have the socekt from the chest (no Kaom yet)?

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