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JUUL Starter Kit Review – The UK Version!


A review of the JUUL Starter Kit.
#Juul #PodKit #StarterKit

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  1. Top review chap.
    My main gripe is the shape.
    Uncomfortable as hell in the mouth. Cheaper and better out there. 👊👊

  2. I'm not a huge fan of the JUUL kit the e liquid in the pods are meh (Bland) it would have been better if you could fill them up yourself with the e liquid that you actually liked

    To me it feels cheap in the hand and not well made at all

    There are better pod system on the market that beats this hands down

    Great review Devil I admire you for your honesty

  3. The TPD limits of 20mg/Ml does more harm than good, at least for nic salts. If the idea is to get people to quit smoking, the nic level should be around 50mg, give or take. Otherwise, a smoker will feel they need to go back to cigs to get satisfied.

  4. Nicotine contrition 20mg, 1.7mg strength, total nicotine concentrate 14mg. Damn they need to explain that a bit better for a new vaper. As I am still confused lol, that reads like a nutrition information on a food packet, that states per 25.5 gram you get blah blah and the total packet weight 275 grams. Leaves you staring and trying to work out the total with all ten fingers and your toes, all the while stood in a aisle with people thinking "Whats wrong with this nutter" lol

  5. Gave dude at work a juul 2 months ago. Haven't seen him smoking cents and now he wants Somthin new. And another vape journey begins

  6. I used mine for a day. I had to push the pods in with my lips while pulling to get it to work. Went straight in the trash

  7. I would prefer the 20mg the 7 about killed me when I see it to quit smoking after 40 years and 2 packs a day. TG got the breeze 2
    Now I'm enjoying my FREEMAX mesh pro!

  8. Juul is terrible in the UK after 1 puff it’s like the connection is disrupted. I got sent 3 batteries and been through 4 pack of pads and the problem never got sorted out

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