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Juul Vapor E-Cig Unboxing, Set Up & First Impressions With Virginia Tobacco


Juul unboxing, set up & first impression with Virginia Tobaccco.
Their website:

V2 E-Cig website: (V2 coupons: save = 10% off, savenow = 15% off e cig starter kits).

JUUL Vapor review:

The best electronic cigarettes:


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  1. Bought a JUUL today and I like it so far. Only part I dislike is the shape, if it was circular it would’ve been nice because I’m trying to let go of smoking. So far, so good.

  2. So apparently juul makes u feel buzzed because it’s poison and the buzz is ur body fighting the poison which is fucking dumb

  3. Yeah… you and your 2k subs are “contacting juul” bro stfu you just went on their website and bought a kit like the rest of us.

  4. Get a spare? It only takes an hour to charge! If you can't go one short hour without a vape then it's time to cut back lol. I just ordered the kit and a couple multi packs of the cartridges and looking forward to vaping after toking some Sour Diesel bud lol.

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