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Killer Kustard by Vapetasia – Review!


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  1. This has been my go to Custard for a while now. I like all 3 (OG, lemon, and strawberry) i like Lemon the best i think, then the OG Vanilla, then strawberry. I havent had any of the other Killer Kustards such as the honeydew….But as far as the original 3 flavors go, well…..It's one of those I like to always have in stock, available for my vain pleasure at a moment's notice. It's not the BEST custard I've ever had , but it's still very delicious and a perfectly acceptable all day vape. I recently started using the Salt Nic also in my Infinix, which has been just Stellar !

    P.s. EVE! EVE am PRETTY!

  2. The Mellon is ok but kilo has a better Mellon. I love the strawberry and og custard for sure. If my local shop hasn't changed their price in the last week I've been getting the 💯 ml for 19.99. thanks Ms Ruby

  3. I really wanna try the lemon custard 🍋🍮💨 I havent tried their salt nic either. Gonna have to add that to the too do list. Great video.👍

  4. I love you ruby but your full of shit, lemon is so strong you cant taste the vanila custard base, strawberry is muted af and barely there to the point its just hot sweetnes, og kk is good

  5. Meh wasn't impressed with strawberry killer custard. It was ok but to much sweetener for my tastes. Milk of the poppy, however, is one of my favorite flavors ever.

  6. Awesome video and review Ruby Roo, thanks so much for sharing this with us. I've had the strawberry custard and it was amazing but the lemon one sounds awesome. Hope you have a great day!

  7. Very odd. Have planned to use this flavor since I started vaping. My dad is now loving it and I finally set something up with it just yesterday. Really impressed. Gonna check out strawberry very soon and plan on checking the salts as well. Tasty stuff. I get an almost tobacco flavor from it sometimes? So off but enjoyable for sure.

  8. Hi Ruby, I've been gone for awhile. Nice to see you again. I'll be trying that custard flavour. I love vanilla custards.

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