Kilo Black Series E-liquid Review

Hey guys here is my take on the Black Series by Kilo Eliquids

I want to give a special thanks to Kevin Lee from KILO ELIQUIDS for the Samples !

You can get them here for $29.99 for a 60 ml

Each Package Contains:

60ml of eliquid
30ml Kilo Unicorn Bottle
Kilo Dog Tag Key Chain
Kilo Microfiber Cloth
Kilo Battery Case
70% VG



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  1. Amy Herndon says

    Love u and ur channel!

  2. Boy Keihin says


  3. Paul Fortune says

    Keep them videos coming San love you dude

  4. Paul Fortune says

    No man I just got the bit you said wiv vigor that you could smell apples lol but u keep me smiling n I love your videos.
    And that site did the same to me I nearly threw the phone but I can't afford to replace it lol so I just bit the bullet n guessed the next few flavors

  5. Sam Davenport says


  6. Shane Robinson says

    been thinkin of pickin up the birthday cake.Only thing is every other "cake" vape ive tried does not taste like it.heard good things on this one though..Whats your current favorite strawberry dessert? Thanx San!! #FlavaChaser #Huuuuwick

  7. Yi-Yong Lee says

    they should just priced it much lower, without those goodies!

  8. Josh Scott says

    Hey San u should definitely check out Mohawk vapors. 120's run. $30 and I guarentee it's quality. I always run back to their liquids bc they are all good and spot on. gotta try the blueberry pomegranate yogurt. it's all mixed in a lab and it's a guy and his wife who mixes and runs the company. You will be glad I told you about it if u decide to try it. thanks man

  9. Super Fletch! says

    Glad you're back man m/

  10. Macycrystal says

    Great reviews San, loving the new content 🙂

  11. Kevin K says

    Kiberry by kilo has been my go to since its release, I vape that shit by the gallon…I do wish they would have released a fruit profile juice with there black series as I'm just not into the cookies, cake and pie thing but I'll give these a sample since Kilo does it right. Great review like always, Thanks.

  12. Ashley Cox says

    Holy hell, i gotta try those ❤

  13. Polly g says

    my research show reviewers that do a lot of juice reviews, expand much slower than those that do little or none,i guess you can check yourself by views, i know myself i never watch them,as its so subjective, one mystery id love the answer to is i watched maybe 60 reviewers,and 99% of them use cliches,out of context the biggest offenders are 'all that good stuff' 'it is what it is'and i see you did the double

  14. Jax Miller says

    San thanks for the review I absolutely loved the packaging and the extra goodies I did order the milk and cookies smells delicious taste is good I think it needs a little bit more steep time for it to really pop but definitely well done

  15. 4play49 says

    i been waiting for someone to review these the ordinary kilo range are some of my fav juices not tryed the black range yet.i tryed all the dinner lady range already not bad i dont think ill buy them again but they was ok the lemon tart was the best

  16. EstrsDLE says

    I've been missin a mothafucka for a minute great vid as always man! Can't wait to see more! 👌🏽

  17. Zack Bender says

    milk and cookies is my all day vape, but it's only $22 at my local vape shop

  18. 007 373 5963 says

    PLEASE DONT WASTE YOUR $$$$$$$$$$ on the Milk & Cookies, it tastes like water with sweet and low, I swear these companies put these fancy packages out to hide the fact that their juice sux..i haven't tried the other flavors since I wasted $25 on the Milk & cookies..i dont care one bit about the "presentation" or packaging, I care about the actual liquid!!

  19. Rafi Mazmanian says

    is it me or is the sound really bad ?? #Fukit

  20. Andy Sanford says

    Heard alot of good stuff about these guys, but I've yet to check them out

  21. Edgy Throttle says

    Thanks for a great review vid. I cant wait to try new flavas

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