Liquid Barn Taste Maker Kit Review DIY E Liquid

Taste Maker Kit Link

Liquid Barn’s Tastemaker Kit has everything you need to get started on flavoring your own eLiquid. It has never been easier to take control of the taste of your vape. This kit will come with 500ml of premixed, unflavored eLiquid and a Flavor Cartridge to finish your mix.


Liquid Barn provides quality premixed eLiquid that is ready to be flavored. Vapers that don’t want the added headache of making their own eLiquid can get a 500ml bottle of 80/20 VG/PG in their desired nicotine strength. Available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg or 12mg. Liquid Barn promises to provide a consistent, quality eLiquid every time.

Flavor Cartridge
The Liquid Barn Flavor Cartridge is the easiest way to flavor your eLiquid. Whether you want to have control over the amount of flavor, or you want to experiment with different flavor combinations, the Flavor Cartridge has everything you need to quickly and easily flavor your eLiquid. It contains your choice of 60ml flavor concentrate, a 30ml Unicorn bottle to hold your final mix in, and a Tastemaker card that will help measure the amount of flavoring you will want to add to your eLiquid. No additional lab ware needed.

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  1. Brad Bickford says

    Thanks for the vid, I'm new to vaping, bought one premade bottle last night and I placed an order with liquid barn already. Juice is way too expensive not to just DIY and this kit makes it so simple. I can't wait to start making my own.

  2. KillingerDOOM says

    This seems so easy that I might just say screw it to the premade storebought stuff and go DIY in order to avoid blowing 30 bucks on some half expired, overly sweet liquid that comes in 60mL portions.

  3. Richard Darter says

    ok im sold I just ordered it

  4. Physical Dolphin says

    Sorry man, but I just couldn't stand your voice. That lisp is killing me

  5. SlayedBaCc says

    This is great imma have to give it a try my first step into diy

  6. Hijack Audio says

    wait cant you make 20 bottles since its 10% of the 30 ml bottle and you get 60 ml of flavour

  7. Mitchell Tatarcuk says

    Best performance while shaking attach a clamp on an electric hand drill

  8. Quick4A6 says

    would you still recommend LB strawberry cheesecake for a noob getting into DITY'ing

  9. Frozen Gumwad says

    The two main reasons for DIY e-juice is price and control over flavors. Folks seem to lean more to one way or the other. I love to experiment with flavors, ratio's of VG and PG, while of course, saving money. It would cost me hundreds and hundreds of dollars to get the flavors I get from DIY. Also, it's fun! These kits are fairly dummy-proof but it's a bit like either buying a radio with just the batteries not included, or getting a kit to build your own that lets you determine the strength of the wave-bands, where to put the controls for better customization, so on…
    No matter, Liquid Barn offers the best of both worlds. Great company!

  10. josh wilson says

    hey Man, i need your help really really bad. ive been diying for about a year and a half now. I've mixed many recipes and made clones, but there is this one flavor i cannot get close to. "Milk Of The Poppy" from Vapetasia. Its a wonderful dragonfruit with a blast of strawberry and cream. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me with this clone

  11. Jason Kalweit says

    I enjoyed this review. I stumbled upon this video after researching liquid barn for diy purposes. I appreciate your honesty and establishing the major points on benefits of purchasing this product and doing it yourself.

  12. august van suchtelen says

    thank you .. I'm getting these ..

  13. Tomas Silva says

    BRO review the LAVA CAKE FLAVOR!

  14. John Combs says

    So just double the amount of flavoring for 60 mls correct ?

  15. Josh Reko says

    I'm thinking about purchasing this and from what I gather the flavor cartridge isn't big enough to make the full 500ml at their recommended flavor percentage? is this true….. and instead of making it at 30ml a batch in the unicorn bottle… how would I figure out how to say make 120ml at a time or even the full 500ml?

  16. Hawaiian Style says

    ordered the same kit in video. Difference is mine is 6 mg nic. Steeped for a week, still as harsh as the first time I mixed it. Maybe it is the nic content that o got that makes it harsh as hell. I really don't know, ordering a 3 mg nic right now and will post results when I receive the next order……. ::fingers crossed::

  17. Cindy says

    I was afraid of getting the NIC wrong in my mixes and this is what gave me the courage to start DIY. I haven't looked back since. I am about to go for my second order. I left out the flavor and got 2 bottles of the VG PG Nic. I am going to get 4 bottles this order. lol.

  18. G3N0CID3 says

    I got this kit in 2 wks ago and its premo how can you not go wrong and they sent me a 60ml bottle sample of there new flavor gingerbread cookie so good I did mix one up and added some ry4 double even better than premium its epic

  19. BlindViews says

    Great kit for a beginner. I don't see much use for it for the hobbyist. Takes the fun and experimental part out, but a great tool for those that just want to make good juice for little money. It's the simplest one to use that I have seen.

  20. Paul Burgess says

    Thx John, wish I lived in the states, I would defo get on that dealπŸ‘πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³

  21. john says

    well done review..keep up the good work…

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