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  1. Mike D says

    Got one today. Came with 3 tubes 🙂

  2. chubz2189 says

    Ok I have looked everywhere for this keeps saying out of stock can you help me out Mike or someone share a link please?

  3. Shelby Putra says

    Is it safe to remove the batteries while the mod is turned on (not sleeping) ?

  4. VapeZoo Channel says

    nice info bro

  5. Jeff McNally says

    hey mike, i have one of these but the bottles it comes with suck . do you know where i can find softer bottles for them ? preferably same size . thanks

  6. Mathieu Ruel says

    Hey Mike. Great review, as always. You are always my go to guy when i am looking to purchase any vape products. I cannot find the drone for sale anywhere, including ebay. Would you sell me one of yours plz plz plz? ?

  7. Jonny Bravo says

    No one should be using nickel in my personal opinion, and you really can't go wrong and get lost with Lost Vape but thanks to Mike he got them back on track

  8. Tommas Brannen says

    Hello Mike I'm a trucker and looking into a BF or Squonk box set up for safer vaping and driving can you help me out

  9. VapeZoo Channel says


  10. booger man says

    I just bought one and it came with 3 tubes

  11. ardyan novanto says

    Mike, while you are demonstrating how to squonk, juice is flowing all over the 510 pin. Is it safe.? Is it not going get a short when pressing the fire button with juice spills still on the 510 pin.?
    I just got my drone bf and a newbie on squonking

  12. ardyan novanto says

    My dream mod. I've got to have one of this

  13. TurboGreen says

    just fyi the 510 pin isnt spring loaded 🙂 even tonyB mentioned the same and there's no springiness in my drone as well.

  14. Beyond Birthday says

    Just got mine and had 3 bottles lol

  15. Anthony Davis says

    thanks for the review i have a triade 250 and i fucking love it so i've been looking at this with great interest

  16. matthew turner says

    fuck!!! looks like im going to $150 short

  17. Rafael Vega says

    I just bought the lost vape BF Squonker. But i dont want to run into those messy issue, so im looking to replace the original bottles and also add a super soft 30ml refil bottle. Can i do that (change the bottles) and where can i purchase a super soft refil bottle in the US

  18. Geoffrey Gaster says

    I have a con Mike, the squonk bottle is way too hard. Mine did come with 3, but they are really no good once the bottle gets down to half full. I have to squeeze so hard that I leave fingernail marks on the bottle and I keep my nails cut. I tried boiling the bottle for 10 mins as I read that would help. Not enough. So now I am searching for silicone squonk bottles. Not happy about that but overall it's a great mod. I'm sure in a month they will ship with better bottles.

  19. jack smith says

    Idk why you keep calling it a tube or a tank. Its a bottle dude. Is that really that difficult for you? Tube connects the BOTTLE to the 510. Not a tank, not a tube, a BOTTLE. It also holds more than a 30mm, it holds up to a 40mm tank.

  20. Hamid Dhais says

    Is this mod made in the US or China? many thanks

  21. Shawn Chapman says

    mine come 3 bottles and tubes

  22. Dado M says

    Hey Mike ich liebe deine Videos einfach nur top
    Liebe Grüsse aus Germany

    Vape on Baby

  23. The VapinFish says

    Well I think this is the squonker I will get to use with my icon. I going to pop my squonk cherry. I want to squonk Fagan too. Just ordered some of those nice coiling rods/jigs UK made ones you use. Nice review and stop unsubscribing me to your channel.

  24. Vaping Fisherman says

    my next step up from a cleito 120 rta!!!

    love ur reviews! keep them coming!!!

  25. Gilbert martinez says

    just got mine today! my first DNA device. I installed escribe and accidently restored to default. battery level shows empty but was full before restore, how can I fix? please help I'm using 2 mxjo 3000mah 18650 batteries

  26. Michael Coble says

    Hey Mike….I just got my Drone and I was really disappointed. Mine auto fires regardless of the RDA I put on it. Have you heard of this issue? I will probably return it since I can't fix or vape it.

  27. sai real says

    nice mod mike, i love to have one… still not available in the philippines…

  28. Bridget Bushey says

    great review thanks for all the giveaways. hitthatshit. keeponvaping.thanks

  29. FΛDED says

    They got rid of that platform, hallelujah.

  30. Adam Schmidt says

    Have you put a goon on the drone? I saw a post on Facebook, someone's drone shorted out using a goon. Just curious if he maybe just had a faulty one or if this is going to happen with them all.

  31. Pappy Sauce says

    Just got my hands on it today… excellent device. Great review as always Magnus Mikeus! Been waiting to rock my Gaia on it, sweet setup!

  32. Tarun Singh says

    Hey mike did measure the capacity of the sqounk bottle or you going by what they wrote? Cause sqounk bottles are known to lie about capacity. Almost every maker of sqounk bottle has lied about bottle capacity. Its not a deal breaker but just curious. Great stuff… awesome u showed how the new tubes work with L shape.

  33. Travis Anthony says

    sweet, i squonk only and its great to see affordable high quality squonker and bf rda's coming out. Lost Vapes is a great company, no cheap rushed products from them.

  34. Bruno Trigo says

    Great review as always Mike.

  35. kizmiaz now says

    As a Mac user I have never wanted a DNA device because of the EScribe software but this one is on my list

  36. Shane McKinney says

    Thanks for all the honest reviews Mike, seriously.

  37. Kris Birdwell says

    Great review! I love the looks of lost Vape mods. Thank you for the information.

  38. TrippinT says

    And it's on my wish list! Great review

  39. Richard Brown says

    Another great review of a great squonking mod…..thanks

  40. Jeremy Curtis says

    Great review! Another one to add to the wishlist! Thanks Mike

  41. Joe Arnold says

    Out of stock fucking everywhere

  42. Charles Twitty says

    I love this mod and I love your reviews. I see this mod and your Icon in my future. Super sweet combo. Thanks Mike, keep up the good work!

  43. OHM_SLICE says

    I want to try squank mods but does the bottle or hose leak?

  44. Terry Sanford says

    This is a left hand mod. If you vape with your right hand, you need to rotate the mod and use your thumb to push the bottle. Almost impossible if you drive a manual transmission vehicle. Revision 1.0 coming out soon with the squonk bottle on the opposite side

  45. THE LINK VAPES says

    does the triade door fit. for when you dont wanna squonk. like that would ever happen . just wondering????????

  46. Ashlee Singo says

    I like this

  47. riccis tablet says

    hey mike thanks for the info on the pre production and production version. just got mine today and someone said that if they 510 pin is long on your atty it autofires? hear anything about that?

  48. Jonathan Ellison says

    Tell them again Mike no one uses nickel anymore well in US

  49. Power Walker says

    Got the Drone w/ the Hadaly should be here Mon. Gonna to get the Boxer/Icon combo next. Anyone know if they are gonna make a 20700 BF Boxer available soon?

  50. Mike Chelton says

    Yes another great review… I received my icon rda a couple days ago. I absolutely love it it's everything you said it was gonna be. My question is which squonking device do you recommend? the drone or is their one you like better. I also want a dual battery squonking mod. thx

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