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MAG 225W KIT by Smok!


In this video we take a look at the Mag Kit by Smok. This is a mod and tank combo that comes with the TFV12 Prince sub ohm tank, and the dual 18650 Mag Mod that does TC and 225 watts.




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  1. Good kit but it’s a fake Smok product.. the picture of the vape is the wrong way round on the box and the charging point on the box is white.. there has been YouTube videos on it. Cool video though!

  2. Hello,

    I ordered the mag kit. I am new in to vaping. Are those batteries save to use with my mod?

    Sony Konion US18650VTC6 3120mAh – 30A

  3. just an fyi for potential customers, i had mine for a year before the baseplate stopped recognizing the atomizer, i had to push the tank to the left to get it to work. i dropped it a few times, though.

  4. Could you send me a link to what batteries u used? I bought 18650s but they’re too big and won’t fit my mod now I’m skeptic about what kind of 18650s to buy

  5. I just bought one of these kits and I love it, but my screen is on the left side of the mod. If it was on the right, i feel like it would be annoying. i like being able to see the screen without having to flip it around in my hand. That looks like its made for a lefty.

  6. This mod sux ass. Never dropped, cleaned daily and always says “No Atomizer” in every tank. Luckily I have a 4 year old IPV3 Li that beats this mod hands down

  7. Worst PURCHASE IVE MADE! Not 2 Weeks after purchasing internal digitizer craps out and the screen cracked from they inside! Smok YOU CANT AUTHENTICATE PRODUCTS NOR GET ANY REPLACEMENTS WHEN THEY CRAP ØUT ON YØU! Most shops now REFUSE to sell SmøK being Communist Chinese they havent ANY incentive tø stand behind their shittiest products.

  8. Durability? I bet 1 drop on concrete would prevent this mod from even turning on anymore. I just bought this mod yesterday because last weekend my drunk ass managed to destroy 2 mods at once by throwing my bag onto the ground which had my Smok GX350 and my Wismec RX 2/3 inside it. Both mods had minor scratches and minor paint chipping after the fall and neither of them will power on anymore. I really don't see the Smoke Mag being any more durable than those 2 mods. 1 hard drop on concrete and it's a goner.

  9. This vape sucks… Got it at a local vape shop (same one as I always go to) within two days the screen went out on it!!!

  10. Lolz, you do realize that these come in both Right/Left Handed, hence the Right/Left Handed Mag Release Button

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