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Marijuana E Liquid Tutorial HOW TO MAKE Cannabis E juice from Concentrates Kit (Microwave)


D.I.Y THC E-Liquid in under 5 minutes using the Microwave method. Check out my other video for the Stove Top method.

I used the kit from which I actually purchased off of ebay.

You don’t need the kit to make this E-Juice yourself but if you use VG it will not work at all. If you use PG it will work somewhat but will stay chunky and separate very quickly.

I recommend just spending the couple bucks and buying some Concentrate Kit Mix. It comes in 30ml bottles which will make at least 60ml total of E-Juice.

If you don’t want to spend the extra cash on the Concentrate Kit you can still do this without it but the final product will be different.

As I said this will not work AT ALL with just plain VG but you can use PG and have something that is passable. Just make sure you use a cheap atomizer because it will ruin it pretty quick.

To overcome the chunkyness and separation you get when using plain PG, just make sure you shake the heck out of your atomizer before every use and pre-heat the e liquid by holding down the button on your vaporizer until the chunks melt again.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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  1. could I use any pg? or any normal e liquid? I have a non flavored one? can I use either of these? help me out someone!!

  2. Great video… We can order that kit here in the UK but the cannabis like yourself we have to make it, the government will never legalise it here like they have in the US.. Good fun making it, using the 'trim' excluding the bud works well, not as strong but you can make much more liquid which is far better…

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