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Mark Ten Ecig Review (Marlboro/Numark)


Marlboro sent me a coupon in the mail for the Numark Mark Ten ecig.
It’s okay for beginners. If you’ve never vaped before you’re better off buying a Kanger Evod or Innokin iTaste VV which is a tiny bit more pricey but better flavor and better throat hit than this cigalike.

Look and feel :7/10 vapes
Flavor :5/10 vapes
Air draw:6/10 vapes

Overall if you want a cigalike, this is the one to get at 9.99 US dollars at many liquor stores and Walmart’s .
If you want to start Vaping go to your local vapeshop or for more information head to

You can buy the Innokin iTaste VV here

If you are a beginner, please use caution when thinking about buying and using a mechanical mod. Be safe and Vape or Die.


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  1. I just got mine this morning I got coupons in the mail for a free one and another for free cartilages. So I said why not give it a try. I like menthol and but currently smoking Marlboro blacks red trim bold I got the classic because that's all they had… Its OK I think the menthol would be to strong but I don't see myself completely quitting with this. Like you said its nothing compared to the one you had I had one but lost it i think this though may help me slow down on smoking regular cigarettes. I'm trying to quit I'm tired of getting sick and stuff but I can't quit cold turkey. Everyone is different though so if you want to quit then try out different things.

  2. e-cigs are garbage, period.  You draw 10 times, 10 times as hard and don't get anywhere near the effect of a small drag on a regular smoke.  And for a frequent smoker,  they don't have any longevity/price advantage over a regular cigarette.

    I smoke Marlboro Menthol 72's,  I've tried half a dozen different e-cig brands…  none even come close to what they advertise.

  3. I got that same coupon but the damn clerk at the store claimed i had to buy one then get the other free. Was totally pissed have to wait to find a different location to redeem my coupon. Did yoi have any troubles redeeming your coupon??

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