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Mesh Starter Kit! Eleaf iJust 3 Review + Giveaway! VapingwithTwisted420


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  1. Great video on the eLEAF IJUST 3 – What a beauty! I just started vaping after 40 yrs of stinkies & this looks exactly like what I'm looking for as a newbie. Thanks for the info!!!

  2. These are really poor quality. The battery itself feels fairly solid and well made, but the tank feels cheap and almost like chromed plastic. The top fill opens way too easily, allowing it to open in your pocket and the liquid to leak out. I bought 2 in different colours and they were both the same.

  3. picked up one of these about a week ago as my first vape and I love it, the flavor is amazing and the cloud output is rediculous

  4. I bought the ijust3 yesterday and it has the most clouds I've seen from a stick. In my opinion it's better then the smok stick

  5. i hav 1…dis same colour too….wrks perfect…fell 3 times..didn break….wazn lucky on de 4th tho….so i'm tryin to get bk de original tube tank….but still….a great kit….

  6. Love this baby. It is like a mech mod but without the mech . . . just the mod. Hope that makes sense but putting an rta on this is the best.

  7. First i vaped on my friend's Eleaf Pico 75w mod, and I really like it, I want to buy a vape. Can this Ijust3 perform like the Pico? Or even better? And the important thing is for me, if I buy a starter kit, with a tank like this. It holds mesh coils, it holds 6ml juice, wich is pretty good, that if I want to upgrade to a mod with I can change the watt, and the oher things, can I use this tank on it? Or this is only compatible with the Ijust3 battery? Or maybe if I ask, how upgradeable it is, it will be easier to answer🤣

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