Mosfet Mod FAIL!!

No review today, just wanted to talk about mosfet squonk mods. I know a lot of people have had similar issues, and here’s my story.

$200 mod went up in flames with no warning. Look out for my next video for more information on mosfet mods.


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  1. Kali Indah says

    i wanna ask why my Proteus MALV can't firing?when i press the firing button it just show the led indicator 3 times..thanks

  2. alex leo says

    haha i also voope and like it a lot…greetings from austria!

  3. Roger Mcdowell says

    I have tons of mosfet mods and have never had one problem.😂😂

  4. David Soulsby says

    Ok where do I start….
    First your not talking about a mosfet you are talking about a printed circuit board that uses a mosfet to switch.
    Second… took a piece of electronic equipment into a bathroom when the shower was on! You have to be joking….steam is water vapour…WATER…..vapour.
    Thirdly no your battery would not unnecessarily explode more likely to vent in a controlled manner which is what they are designed to do in just this situation.
    Forth to think you take care of your mods but still have 2 auto fires before taking this one into a wet enviroment is fooling yourself. The most common reason for mosfet failure is running them at too high a current which damages them a little bit at a time until they fail.
    Lastly. I will watch your next video tomorrow as it's late but when you say lies about safety features of mosfets then you don't understand what a mosfet does. All it does is switch the supply on and off, nothing more, nothing less. The misconception comes from poorly educated reviewers/pundits picking up what other people have said which is wrong and passing it on as if they know what they are talking about.
    I'm very interested to see your next video to see if you do understand. Also there are lots of modders out there who think they know mosfets but don't really.

  5. Zach Blair says

    my question is about the warranty. have u contacted them about it and what did they say??? Just wondering if mosfet failure is covered by warranty from most companies.

  6. Veselin Georgiev says

    That's two main modders mistakes. First,under the customers pressure their trying to make smaller and smaller mods possible placing the mosfet boards on the most inappropriate please possible – righ below the squonk 510 connector. That's cause highest risk of autofire from juice leakage over the board.Not only with mosfet boards,but that's may happen to any regulated mod also. Second, wherever the mosfet boards is plased,they should be carefully sealed after the wiring job for extra protection against possible juice leakage,but sadly most of the mods aren't.

  7. Alaskavaper says

    Very informative, Gerald. Will now move to your next one to get educated on MOSFETs.

  8. Jerry Jensen says

    THE WINDOW……..

  9. Mis en place says

    I ALWAYS loosen battery cap to break contact &! loosen atty. Why? Because I don't trust ANYTHING.

  10. Henry James Uy says

    so sorry to hear about this incident

  11. Swamp Squonk Mike says

    Ahh man appolgies about your mod. At least we all get to learn from your loss a little more on fet switches & for that I bow and tip my hat in your general direction, Thank You for the NFO and all!!! Had no clue what mosfet actually stood for; Learn something new everyday!

  12. SingleStacked says

    That will buff right out.

  13. NIK TA RASSE says


  14. Ohms Lawyer says

    Thanks for the Vid !!!
    Sth. I don’t really understand: Does that mean the board can even autofire (for ever) when it has a 10sec. auto cut off ??? Can this also happen with a PWM Board inside?

  15. yoshy 262 says

    Just unscrew a little the atty/tank/rda, without contact can autofire but no fire hazard.

  16. Jasem Mohammed says

    Damn. Glad you weren't harmed. Recently when I kept my Luxotic on my table which I used it for a week started to autofire continously. Thank God I immediately removed the battery and nothing exploded or was on fire. Manufacturers should really be more careful or atleast warn us customers if any issues like these arise.

  17. Phoebe Hiroshi says

    When you make video for the best single rda brother? Maybe 1 to 5. I always wait fot it 🙂

  18. Jay Sieger says

    MOSFET mods can be much safer than fully unregulated mods, but the implementation is so fucking bad. I see people thinking an IRL3034B can handle like 100+ amps, not even wired correctly. Or switchfet esque boards that are just a small board with an LED, fuse, and off gate claiming they have all these protections.

    I think it should be full mech, or a mod that's simply regulated to output 4.2v constantly. That's not hard to make a board like that whatsoever, and they're super tiny. But with how small a Dicodes BF60 or a Starplat 1.41 is, I don't see the point of any unregulated mod, but that's just me.

  19. The vaping Polisher says

    Who makes the best squonk bottle that don’t leak at the cap when squeezed. 7 mill

  20. Ryan Cairns says

    I fuck8ng HATE Mosfet Mods! I take really great care of all my mods I've owned three Mosfet mods and each and every one of them is now dead because they failed/malfunctioned just like yours!
    Never will I but a Mosfets mod ever again!

  21. Rob Leonard says

    I had a battery vent in a regulated mod. Forgot to lock the mod. It was in my car door and fell onto the floor when I closed my door. Apparently it kept the fire button on. Most better regulated mods have a safety protecting against this, unfortunately this one didn’t.

    Luckily my wife was there to get it off the carpet of the car floor before it caught on fire. It could have been a lot worse

  22. evdoros stavridis says

    as long as you know your built and your battery, mech is the safest i think.looking forward for the next vid

  23. kim warner says

    Man that sucks, I sent in my gloomtem for the ram chip. I would cry if it got all burnt up. I hope the secret your referring to isn't that the mod actually never shuts off

  24. Cdaddy H says

    Man that sucks, I read alot about mosfets auto firing, and actually had a limelight that auto fired on me. Think I'll stick with my mechanical squonkers from now on…

  25. J and K White says

    I only use regulated squonkers

  26. TheFunkadelicFan says


  27. Keith Conner says

    I thought you enjoyed mech squonkers like the rest of us ????
    Go ahead and vent you are not the only one to lose an excellent mod.

  28. Kevin Hanifin says

    I just ordered a mosfet mod……couldn't you have posted this video 5 days ago!

  29. gunawantop says

    Mosfet mods lowest supported resistance is not low enough, 0.2 ohms if I’m not mistaken.
    That’s why I don’t use mosfet mods especially single battery mosfet mods. The chip and the components on the circuitry can get seriously damaged because it’s simply can’t handle the heat and raw amps.
    If anyone want to use a mosfet mod, I suggest running it on series and coils resistance 0.5 ohms and above.

  30. David Parker says

    I've been seeing alot of mosfet mods doing this lately. Which is way I haven't bought one yet. Sunbox a few awesome mods with mosfets I want, but I don't want to take the risk.

  31. Ludovick LE FRANC says

    😱 we were talking about that sooner. Are there autofire incidents reported for the Scream MOSFET ?

  32. Misanthropic Humanist says

    When he was talking about it I realized that I've never vooped; not even once. I might have to try that.

  33. Carlos Ramirez says

    Thanks for all the vape reviews. You are one of my favorites without a doubt.

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