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Pioneer4You IPV3 Li Box Mod with Temperature Control Review On TVC


On paper the iPV3 Li is one of the most feature packed box mods on the market. Join me for a vape as I review The iPV3 Li by Pioneer4you On TVC.

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  1. you said charging cable. but it's not. also i cringed a little when you tried to put the second battery bottom first. oh and on fasttech its 80 bucks.

  2. i beleive that the plastic in the inside of the sliding door is some kind of insulation so that the batteries cant touch the metal and short the device

  3. Great review. I'm sick of people that don't know how to build legit 200w coils though saying that 200w will be hot or have an off taste.

  4. so I did a puff test with my Evic-vtc mini while u puffed I puffed exhaled @ the same time. running 480F 60W 0.20 and he'll looked my my cloud was bigger ???? any insite? please bare with me. new to bigger vapes. I just bought the ipv3 LI and waiting on it to arrive. but the vtc mini is really a sweet lil device. I'll continue to use it for when I am not at home. have u ever tried one of them??

  5. CAN YOU HELP I jist bought the ipv3 LI and after searching on ebay I've noticed that there is 10000 different 18650 battery's. these two in being a few of. can u tell me EXACTLY WHAT battery's I need. ICR & IMR ??? please. sorry for the noobie question I jist moved to this from a vtc mini which is really a bad ass lil device.

  6. picky hell I have been researching my next MOD, rda and rbta for days. this thing has way to many issues. I cannot believe this was linked to mvs

  7. i recently bought the ipv3 li and where you screw the tank on the spring is keeping my tank from staying on my mod and I cant figure out why my tank wont stay screwed on I have absolutely no idea what is wrong with it and I don't know what to do someone please help me

  8. Hey, I was just wondering what 18650 batteries you recommend? There are a lot out there and im not entirely sure on the what the differences really mean/do.

  9. you seriously loaded ICR batteries in to that mod? ICR batteries will totally vent or blow up if you try to run that mod at full power.

  10. Why are you using ICRs? That shit just irritated me. Good job, some newbie may see this and hurt themselves not understanding that that isn't OK

  11. Hey man, love your videos. Just wanted to tell you the micro usb port is not meant for charging. It is for updates. It is best to remove the batteries and charge them.

  12. can you fire a Ni200 coil in power mode (watts) at about 10W and be able to work the hotspots out of new coils? thanks in advanced.

  13. I just bought one and I notice at the top where the rectangle indent is that you are missing the rubber that goes in there.  I think that is why the slide door is so loose on yours!!!

  14. It appears that your IPV3 Li is missing the rubber pad below the ball bearing.  I just received my black IPV3 Li today and it has a rubber pad there and there is no door wiggle.  It also takes some force to slide the door off.  Also, my screen did not fall out when removing the plastic. I was babying it though.

  15. i never comment , but IPV'S mobs for me really crap, i could my ipv 4 , just run 6 days and die on my ,humm, tc suck, really not a good mod for TC

  16. Great review video, thanks.  I have one of these on the way.  Saved me some fiddling around with it.  Seems versatile. that screen popping off so easy was a turn off. Too late it's on its' way, I guess I'll guinea pig this thing too.

  17. You have a good camera!
    I'll wait second version without a screen problem and better spring loaded ball, but its still best mod i'd ever seen

  18. so what i still dont understand is the whole j thing. why only 50 or 40j on all these mods, is that always going to be enough? Its there even a point in doing nickel dippers with crazy builds? tc looks good but i just can't figure if i even want it.

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