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Rev-Tech Phantom 220w Kit Review – Mike Vapes


In this review i show the Phantom 220w and the Drift v2 mesh tank. Tank and mod are pretty good. Mod feels overpowered. But good news is mod has firmware upgrade features.

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  1. Thanks for the look Mr Mike….Great review as always!….Need that Blue/Black for my collection!!!…..Vape on✌

  2. Mike, since these are given to you for reviewing, when you are done reviewing can you please send them my way…………….

  3. Very good one, Mike. This Rev-Tech Phantom kit is definitely one I might like to get if it's not overpriced. I like that it has the centered 510 that accepts 30mm addys. If it allows one to install their own wallpaper then it would be perfect, IMO. Nice tank with a great mesh coil selection makes this kit a winner. Thanks for the review, amigo.

  4. Great job Mike.
    But it's just another 18650 device from china.
    The industry just won't move on from 18650.
    Compared to the 20700/21700 batteries, the 18650 is redundant.
    So why are they still pumping out these shitty, low battery life mods.
    Just my opinion….
    What do you think???????

  5. I have the rev sport and love it. It definitely is one of my favorite mods. It's got a good weight, easy to use, and I love the fact that it doesn't have batteries. It's a nice break from having to charge batteries all the time! πŸ˜‚ This rev looks great! Love the style. Love the features. Good shit!!

  6. Awesome video Mike. Love u r format. Caught a sneak peek of this device on the live stream. I love this mod. Big screen nice look. I think I'm gonna have a gush fest ova here!

  7. Great review Mike, but if I had that device I wouldn't want a firmware update to fix the temperature. Because if that's say for example if it's running 20W's more then it says on the screen. Then your 220W device is really a 264W device.

  8. If anyone can help me on this issue I have it would be much appreciated ok so on my ijoy solo v2 there is an issue where it keeps saying no atomizer help?

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