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Sahara JL Build: Brand New Lift, Wheels, and Tires!


Today Matt shows you a 2018 JL Sahara build complete with a brand new lift, wheels, and tires.

The first step of this build was to add some more suspension travel and ride quality, a 2″ Mopar Performance lift kit was installed with Fox shocks, and brand new coil springs. To complete the build a set of 17″ Fuel Trophy wheels were added with 35″ Toyo Open country MT tires to finish it off. All the parts show on this build are available here at CJ’s with free tire mounting and balancing!

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Mopar Performance Lift Kit:

Fuel Trophy Wheels & Tires

Rough Country Spare Tire Relocation Bracket:

Wrangler Parts:

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  1. D. Voss is correct with his comments about the folks at Mopar insufficiently flawed design of the 2” lift. My 17’ Sahara lift kit, 35” wheels and tires etc. were done at the Jeep dealership thus Jeep’s Mopar parts don’t make 2.5” I’d originally wanted. Jeep added the 2” spacers to the front in order to achieved the 2.5” and more that I wanted. The completed work looked excellent and done correctly but the ride, while it was not DW related, the Jeep just doesn’t want to stay straight on the road and at above governor’s speed it became challenged to control. My 17’ Sahara was sold three months ago but not because of issue above, rather it was replaced with the 12’ Freedom. This time I went with TeraFlex 2.5” with 35×12.5×17 tires and wheels. The combo was much less than Jeep charged me and the ride is simply excellent, smooth and straight. I am not endorsing TF by any mean but based on having owned both lift kits and prefer TeraFlex.

  2. Just a quick question is the jl rubicon and sport standard at different clearance heights so would I get more than 2 inch lift iF installed on a sport jl ??? Or different sets for different models ?? Thank you

  3. DO NOT USE THE MOPAR LIFT! I have the 2" MOPAR lift installed on my 2018 JLU Sahara and it made my JL feel like I am driving on an ice rink at highway speeds. This lift was NOT engineered properly by the good folks at MOPAR and Jeep as this lift is not a true 2" lift. I got 3.5" of lift from it after installing it. YES this is bad if the lift wasnt properly engineered for the geometry changes to your suspension. ALL THE PART NUMBERS WERE VERIFIED AS CORRECT. The service guys at the Jeep dealership told me I am definitely not the first person they have had complain. But google it for yourself. Go to the Jeep forums.

    The new lower control arms that come with the lift do NOT return your caster back to between 5 to 6. Ive had my caster checked by a jeep dealership and its at 3.7. If you dont know what caster does for you, there are several great videos here on Youtube. Caster is important because it enhances mechanical assistance from your vehicle to return your wheels to zero after a turn. Ive had to get two new adjustable Rock Krawler track bars ($400) for the front and rear axles because the front axle moved 1" to the drivers side and the rear axle moved 1" to the passenger side. So my JL wasnt tracking right. I also had to put on spring correction pads ($40). MOPAR or this guy running this channel cant convince me or anyone else designing suspension parts that the huge bow you get in the springs is normal. I also put on a Falcon adjustable steering stabilizer ($300) in an attempt to tighten up the steering that some JL models have been having trouble with. Which it did help some but its crazy that ive had to spend all this money fixing MOPARS junk. BTW… I have been contacted by Jeep Customer Care who informed me that they take ZERO responsibility for their parts! I was told by Mellisa in Jeeps Customer Care that it was my fault for altering my JL and it didnt matter I used their poorly engineered parts. Holy Cow. Really?!?!

    For all of you internet keyboard warriors, this is my 5th jeep. Ive had a YJ, TJ, 2 JKUs, and now this JLU so I know how a Jeep is supposed to drive. So that I am not offending anyone, if your JL is driving good on the MOPAR lift…good for you, for the rest of you there are lots of great companies putting in the engineering time necessary for lifting the JL so go with any of those that you have done the research on. The 2015 JKU i traded in on the 2018 JLU had an AEV lift on it. I cant say enough good things about that lift or that company. The whole reason they havent released their lift for the JL is that they havent finished the engineering they believe is necessary to make lift be RIGHT. AEV would rather lose out on money by rushing something to the market than soil their reputation.

    I am not waiting to see the AEV lift or I guess I spend another $400 on adjustable lower control arms to get the caster right.

    I forgot to add this in my original post. In this video that CJ OFF ROAD also did showing the installation of this lift…

    He installed the springs on the wrong side but he never acknowledges it in the video or in the comments added by a couple youtube users. The springs with the BLUE tags belong on the passenger side NOT on the drivers side like he installed them. He has it figured out in this video.

  4. Now that their is a new kid on the block are you going to do some upgrades on some Chevy ZR2s …….. in the past you have did some F-150s ..

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