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Sigelei Sobra Mod w/MoonShot 120 tank Kit Review


The Sigelei Sobra Kit includes the Sobra 198W/230W Mod and Moonshot120 Subohm Tank

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  1. kimmy that was a really great review I like your reviews I watch your vids all the time . Keep up the great work you do. PS I'm the one that's blocked from trucking channel Lol.

  2. Kimmy! How u feeling lollipop? Thank you for yet another perfect review boo!! Keep Killin em girl!!! Also thank you for your thoughts on this device..💙😘

  3. Hi kimmy love the sassy look you have when exhaling the first drag you take lookin great as always you are a diva in the making keep killing it

  4. Great review Kimmy, but that is one ugly mod! I don't think it would last a week in my hands. lol. I've dropped mine a time or two and my dogs tail is like a lethal weapon!!! People have to watch their drinks on the coffee or end tables even. Hope you have a great night. xoxoxo

  5. A great review Kimmy! I feel like this thing looks beautiful but seems very straight forward cheaply made. Is it? Or is that just my thoughts?

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