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  1. Tony Sandman says

    Thanks Mike

  2. Jack Herman says

    @Mikevapes please reply to my support claim on Hit That Juice regarding my recent purchase of this mod.

  3. jacob zoll says

    Mike I mostly agree with your reviews and opinions but why would anybody buy one of these for that price. When i can buy 4 pulse mods for the same price and I can customize the crap out of a pulse mod. Plus I can put it in my pocket. Plus it’s a 2700 device. I mean maybe this is for a collector. But even then I’ve 3D printed single 18650 squonk mods and no how cheap they are to make. Idk this is a tough one to swallow. I’d say the coolest part of this mod is being able to switch out the fire button. But even then it doesn’t warrant the price.

  4. Raymond Bramzel says

    Mike – my Signature SQ 24mm arrived today and absolutely amazingly outstanding. Thank you and Hit That Juice getting to it so fast. You are The Man and appreciated.

  5. Malinda Snyder says

    Hey Mike, I hope you get this comment, I really want to get one of those squonkers where the bottle lights up. I don't even know what the mods is called, could help me out.

  6. elchaconaso says

    whats the benchmark on power delivery?

  7. Barry Stockton says

    I want a squonk mod but damn there so expensive

  8. Norm E says

    18650 what a bummer, I'm already getting rid of all mine

  9. Truth Seecker says

    I got the black one a its holding its color

  10. Paul J Wolos says

    Sorry, I might have missed it but what ohm is your build? Thanks

  11. Truth Seecker says

    Hey, Mike
    I just orderd your Icon can't wait..

  12. Bigman Vapes says

    Lovin this squonk brand too mike. Thnx fer all the info on it and the review

  13. Robert Noll McKenney says

    Outrageous price for a simple mech. This is how they make clones possible and then cry about it.

  14. Brandon Hampton says

    Thank you for the review, Mike! If the Boxer Squonk didn't come out then this mod would be on my dream list. Thank you again for another honest review!

  15. Ken Lui says

    USD60 would still be too expensive to pay for a mod like this to me

  16. Charles Snedegar Sr says

    Mike, Carry some of these on your site Brah. 160 + the 25 to ship it here is kinda steep IMO. I love the mod as all of their mods but the shipping is Crazy High. I want a Drip tip for my Hadaly so bad but cant justify 45 bucks for a tip.

  17. Ayaaz Mohammed says

    This or the boxer squonker mike??

  18. Harvey Townsend says

    10 connection I want one

  19. Mirthy says

    The manually adjusting 510 is a pretty nice feature, squonkers can't really use spring loaded 510s, and in a mech-ish device like this it's nice to have a tight circuit.

  20. Silver Black says

    love the possibilities of matchy matchy. complicated mod. great breakdown and review.

  21. tedcharp says

    I like this one very nice. Great review Mike. Thanks

  22. JB Digit says

    almost as good as the k-mods squonks 😉

  23. Cig Free says

    Squonking mod of the year. I love the size man and simplicity. Ten👍

  24. corey kurtz says

    Sweet looking device, but I prefer dual battery mods

  25. Jay Bay says

    ready for that boxer mech 🌬🌬

  26. Anthony Rocco Galto says

    You really had to put some force into it when putting that top cap on.

  27. Wesley Duca says

    the pries for squonker's is ridiculous.

  28. Tucker Inn says

    Mike, what build do you have in that?

  29. Anthony Lakanen says

    might think about that price point if it was a duel 18650 but not on a single

  30. L Ashton says

    I'd like to see more squonkers putting the bottle access at the front (or back) like the Pico Squeeze or Therion. It makes it easier to squeeze the bottle.

  31. Vape_ Queen says

    Great review Mike! I need to get one of these for sure lol.

  32. bill hubbard says

    great review, Mike. That looks like a slick box. Price point is fine….actually, it's pretty cheap considering some of the others. The manual 510 is actually a thumbs up for me. 1 – you can line up your atty so the airholes are where you want them. Squonking with an airhole pointed at the ground will result in juice everywhere. 2 – manual 510's are less prone to leaking on squonk mods. Squonking 510's are notorious for leaking or seeping. It's gotten better over the years, but the manual ones are still better. Thanks for the review!

  33. Ahmed Ismail says

    Too fucking overpriced for a piece of plastic when you can get the frankenskull clone which is basically the same shit for 15$, don't be so naive..

  34. Elvio Paixão says

    great review Mike, thanks for sharing it 🔝🔝🔝😃😃😃😃😃🔝🔝🔝

  35. inkitatus1 says

    Good value for the craftsmanship & exceptional build quality. Hopefully they'll make a yihi regulated version too. 👍💨

  36. Vincent M. says

    I had to check the newspaper and see what year it was when you said that 510 wasn't spring loaded

  37. Peter Pieters says

    Really love this mod!
    Am looking for a new squonker an this would be a perfect fit because i am a truckdriver.

  38. Neuro Toxic says

    This is made of metal, machined from a billet, and is customizable. Totally worth the money when compared to the 3D printed mods fetching $150+ 😂😂

    And in the end I don't think they will be that hard to get. They will initially but I think demand will force higher runs than most of the crappy 3D mods

  39. nicholas orr says

    Nice mod thanks Mike.

  40. Bobak Fakhraee says

    Good looking device but the price is ridiculous. Immediately lost interest at that point… that said I'd happily spend that on a tube mech…

  41. SethLacroix says

    Please stop saying "matchy matchy".

  42. Tim Chapman says

    So…people want inexpensive? That means China. Yet, people moan about Chinese imports! Give it a break, eh?!
    This is a well designed and small batch product made in the UK. Great review of an interesting squonk box, Mike. Next time, could you wait until someone produces a cheap as shit clone? Seems like that's what the 'peeps' want 😡

  43. Marland Morgan says

    these mods are not cheap but i absolutely love the looks of it. Ordered a pico squeeze to try squonking and if I like it this will be my next purchase

  44. Jochen Salembier says

    Hi Mike, nice review. I have the FankenSkull mod. The same principal. To lock the fire button i put a small peace of rubber inbetween the fire contact and the 510. I made it myself and it fits snug so it stays in place. Ist now safe to carry in my pocket and it takes only a few seconds to remove the rubber and make the fire button work.

  45. addy tuney says

    thanks Mike!

  46. JoshuaApathy Miller says

    mr Mark Todd, the guy in the shed also has a review/showing of this as well if you wanna see another opinion on it

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