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Siren V2 MTL GTA by DigiFlavor – MTL Perfection- Build & Wick – Mike Vapes


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  1. Hi Mike, bought the tanks last week been vaping on it but i noticed using the coil came with the tank gets easly gunky carbon within 2-3 days? thus i lose flavour and i need to clean coil and change cotton every 2-3 days. every time i opened the tank and i found a gunky stuff on the coil. Any advises or suggestion would be much appreciative.

  2. 4,5 mil for MTL … with a giant deck and lots of air flow. It's like people can't agree do you want to use a lot of vapor or less vaper with MTL. 2 mil version never came.

  3. Hey dude , I love the Siren V2 .The flavour is awesome and i like the AF Options too .


  4. A great tank but even better if you use a vertical coil as you get less of a harsh vape, better flavour that lasts longer, liquid doesn’t go black, perfection!!

  5. Getting mine tomorow,since you said that you love it and does what is expected from single mtl rta. So by your review I orderd it online an by my code a can see that is in my state and coming tomorow. So excited!! Thank a lott Mike!! And very good and honest review,so keep on Vaping and waiting on your reviews!!! Big hello from Serbia!

  6. Got this tank yesterday, found out I don't have any cotton (d'oh!), bought some cotton today…

    Now I'm in Vaping Heaven.

    The taste is not as 'aggressive' or well-defined as the Nautilus 2, but it's more … 'expansive', definitely smoother… BUT THE AFTERTASTE OMIGOSH… Probably because its 'cloud' expands in my mouth, coating all surface with eliquid… VERY satisfying!

    I have no regrets buying this atomizer. Highly Recommended!

  7. Hello Mike to day i buy the siren v2 22mm 2ml and is awsome!!! Thanks a lot!!! Keep up your awsome work!!! Και κανόνισε να έρθεις Ελλάδα να σε δούμε!!

  8. hi, i have the siren v2 4.5 ml version, after changing the first coil because weird taste (i washed the whole tank ) i started to have a weird taste , something like when you iron your laundry , i changed to nichrome80 and i felt like metal taste and changed it back to ss , still get that weird flavour and all my oils are from 5$ to 30$ , no ideea what happened after first week . Can it be from my mod? (captain pd270)z

  9. Thanks Mike, agree, this is a real winner, I couldn't find anything I didn't like either. Easy to build on, straightforward everything, no leaking at all which is far better than pretty much any other atomizer I have.

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